High gloss lacquer Hammered Silver & Driftwood Veneer by Roundhouse
High gloss lacquer, Hammered Silver and Driftwood veneer provide texture in this luxury kitchen
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Hardy: High Gloss Lacquer, Hammered Silver & Driftwood Veneer Kitchen


This striking Urbo design features a fabulous combination of high gloss lacquer, Hammered Silver and Driftwood veneer and together give this stunning kitchen layers of beautiful texture.

The statement Hammered Silver island is at the heart of the design and features a White Fantasy work surface with a robust stainless steel worktop to one end. A bespoke Nightingale Cabinet with an Antique Bronze mirrored back completes the luxury look.


Urbo high gloss lacquer & veneer

High gloss lacquer, Driftwood veneer, Hammered Silver and White Fantasy


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