Meet the hottest kitchen trends this summer

With summer solstice just gone there’s no better time to catch up on the kitchen trends that are capturing the imaginations of Roundhouse designers and customers alike this year. From distinctive design details to smart kitchen storage solutions, this summer’s kitchen trends have the power to redefine your cooking arena, making it fresh, modern, and ready for summer entertaining.

The mono shelf

Draw the line on overwhelming wall storage with one single elongated platform on which to curate artful displays. This summer, kitchens are stepping away from busy open shelving and moving towards a less is more approach that pares back on clutter. The mono shelf trend is a great way to create a neat stopping point for splashbacks, as demonstrated here using seamlessly formed antiqued copper. Dressed with a few well-chosen, shapely pieces, it’s an elegant way to introduce personality while maintaining the calm aesthetic that all good modern kitchen design should command.

Pot fillers

Poised above the stove, ready to fill pans with ease, pot filler taps are the luxury addition that’s fast becoming essential for anyone who takes cooking seriously. Once predominantly traditional in design, contemporary pot fillers are emerging as a firm favourite for 2024. Pitched against striking marble, the sleek silhouette of this pot filler by Dornbracht holds obvious appeal on the looks front. It’s practical, too, allowing you to quickly top up heavy pans without trekking across to your modern kitchen sink. 

Brass mesh

Brass mesh is taking over from glazed doors as the go-to solution for breaking up large expanses of cabinetry. With echoes of the wire chicken mesh once standard in pantries and cold stores, this new take is a more sophisticated approach, and it works beautifully in luxury bespoke kitchen designs. Bringing an extra layer of texture and warmth, the woven brass doors in this Roundhouse kitchen elegantly captures the trend. On a practical note, the obscured view means you can afford to be more relaxed about what’s stored inside than a clear glazed door allows!

Splashback storage

Good looking storage with a focus on design is making it a pleasure to keep kitchens tidy. Utilising the often-wasted space between worktops and wall cupboards, splashback storage is the practical new way to stash your batterie de cuisine. Catering for committed chefs and anyone in a hurry, splashback storage ensures cooking essentials like spices, utensils, chopping boards and knives are quick to spot and close to hand. This is not the moment for mismatched condiments or tatty cookery books. Instead, follow Roundhouse’s lead and go for smart glass containers and bespoke boards in solid walnut, neatly contained behind brass rails to ensure organisation and style coexist in harmony.

Green worktops

While white marbles and other pale stones will always offer timeless appeal, we’re noticing strong demand for braver, more colourful surfaces this summer and green is leading the charge. Stepping away from safe, neutral worktop tones isn’t for everyone but the joy of going for green lies in its versatility. Not convinced? Check out the dramatic beauty of this Verde Fantastico quartzite stone, which is on display in our Richmond showroom. Combined with antique brass and blackened steel, it’s deliciously dark and mysterious, but will look just as striking against cabinetry in washed oak or a pale matt lacquer paint finish.

What is the trend in kitchen sinks in 2024?

Contemporary kitchen sinks are versatile and visually striking, with trends such as seamless integration where the sink blends into the worktops for a sleek look, and workstation-style one and a half sinks equipped with accessories like cutting boards and drying racks. Bold choices like blackened steel, antique brass, and copper PVD finishes are also set to bring luxury sink styling and durability to the kitchen this year.

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