Kitchen ideas

Just some of the components that go into our stylish kitchens include islands; sinks; taps; task and pendant lighting; custom kitchen worktops in fabulous natural stone, polished concrete or stainless steel; clever storage; and carefully considered design details like kitchen door handles or drawer dividers. Be inspired by the details in every one of our luxury kitchens.

Worktops →

Kitchen worktops provide a space for so much more than cooking. By choosing a bespoke worktop in finishes such as composite stone, marble, granite, toughened glass, wood, stainless steel or polished concrete, we can help bring your personality to life in your custom-built kitchen.

Storage →

We make it easy to blur the lines between kitchen, dining and living spaces; our kitchen designers can incorporate modern kitchen storage in the living or dining area without it being overt. Take a look at some of our latest storage ideas.

Sinks →

Our modern kitchen sinks are designed to make a statement. Whether doubling up with a food prep and a clean-up zone or keeping it simple, with styles and materials ranging from copper, concrete, toughened glass or marble, a luxury sink should never be seen as a chore.

Appliances →

No kitchen is complete without luxury kitchen appliances. Choosing the best appliance will not only ensure a wonderful cooking experience in your kitchen, but it will also provide an aesthetically pleasing statement for your home. Take a look at some of our best appliance examples.

Islands →

Some of our luxury kitchen islands employ different heights and different materials to define three zones – for cooking, preparation and eating. Others include a robust work surface for food preparation. Take a look at some of the best examples of our kitchen islands. 

Lighting →

Contemporary kitchen lighting sets the mood for any occasion. Whether utilising natural light, accentuating different kitchen areas or providing a spotlight for a statement piece of cabinetry, our kitchen light ideas are designed to showcase the best in your home.