An Urbo and Metro period 2 Classic luxury kitchen with Little Greene Mushroom and brass detailing.


Style: Urbo, Metro, Period 2 Classic

Finishes: Matt lacquer Little Greene Mushroom, Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster, River Smoked Walnut Bookmatched veneer, antique brass recessed handles, Fusion La Sera wall and cabinet cladding, Taj Mahal worktop


This impressive family kitchen features lots of natural materials, textures and an original use of statement colour. Inspired by the high ceiling the kitchen cabinetry was designed and built to an impressive height from floor to ceiling. The main kitchen is adjacent to the back kitchen and utility space so tasks could be frequently combined between the two spaces with ease. The Fusion Quartzite wall and cabinet cladding makes a real statement piece whilst the Taj Mahal quartzite gives a gentler and more subtle feel with extra detailing on the stone sink apron and mitred edge kitchen island worktop. There is beautiful brass detailing that features throughout the kitchen with the inset around the top boxes and ovens and the recessed door handles.

Interior Design by The Mint List.