Professionals Events Diary

We thrive on connecting and working with other professionals through networking events and industry workshops. A list of our future events is below.

  • Maximising storage and how to utilise in a kitchen design

    The pandemic has brought with it a change in the way we use our homes and specifically our kitchens. It has become crucial that kitchens are designed in a way to maximise space and to keep clutter at a minimum. Join us as our expert designers discuss ways to best utilise kitchen space, from creating dedicated areas for small appliances to charging stations for iPads and phones for working kitchens. We will explore the best designs for pantries and larders for storage as well as islands, corner and wall units to create the most space in all types of kitchens. 

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  • The benefits of bespoke – kitchen materials, finishes & design

    The benefits of a bespoke kitchen are vast. By choosing bespoke design, a client creates a kitchen built to their exact specification, precisely tailored to the space and custom made to fit their lifestyle. In the second professional event of the series, we explore how bespoke kitchen design is the best way forward, from making the most of small spaces to working with designers who truly understand a client’s needs and wants. We look at the high quality that runs alongside choosing handmade cabinetry as well as the flexibility of such an extensive range of finishes, materials, colours and styles that bespoke allows.

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  • Trends, textures & new materials in kitchen design

    Join our first event of 2021, focused on the new trends in textures and materials in luxury kitchen design. Our team of designing experts will discuss all finishes, ranging from natural stone to wood finishes, metallics to metals and everything in between. We will look at statement surfaces and splashbacks, mixing materials and the emergence of dark surfaces and colour as the latest must-have finishes. Discussion will focus on kitchens, pantries, bars, home offices and utility rooms as we explore the trends for this year and beyon

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