The interior design trends shaping luxury kitchens in 2024

For the design world, the Maison et Objet show in Paris is an essential date on the industry calendar. The biannual fair brings together interior designers, kitchen designers and journalists with manufacturers and producers to experience and discern the must-know latest trends. Our Roundhouse team visited to discover exactly what home interior design 2024 holds for the design-conscious kitchen. If you’re considering starting your kitchen design journey, here’s our guide to the kitchen ideas that will look fantastic next year and beyond.

Super Nature

Planning a new kitchen is a perfect opportunity to embrace the most sensorily pleasing of all the new interior design trends. The focus towards ‘super nature’ or ‘biophilic design’ takes its lead from the power of the natural world to comfort and amaze.  Biophillic design works with nature’s inherent properties such as texture, organic pattern and soothing qualities. When planning a kitchen design, the introduction of book-matched marble panels, sawn oak and patinaed metal panels can harness these desirable properties, bringing the best qualities of the outside in. A natural feel does not have to compromise smooth and sleek function – at Roundhouse the same soft close and extra wide drawers will be nestled within these tactile materials. This bespoke design using our Urbo units allows the light-flooded period building to enhance the sensory details whilst remaining an ordered, minimal in style. This trend is only going to become more central to the way we live and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Colour Fun

For a long time, kitchens went through a very minimal phase. But now colour has made a joyous return. The vivid, energising green cupboards of this Roundhouse bespoke project encapsulate the bohemian style interior design and the latest trend for fun colour. If you are already a colour lover, fully embrace it with a dialled-up version of this trend, which has been dubbed Dopamine Design, and employ colour drenching, which uses the same tone across several surfaces such as walls and cabinetry. This works especially well in an unexpected location such as a bathroom, or in the kitchen colours you choose. Our Studio collection is available in Little Greene Bone China Blue, a pretty airy shade that instantly lifts and calms the mood. Add some contrasting accessories in red, yellow or orange to enhance the sense of play. This pleasure-giving trend is all about making joy and vibrancy part of your everyday experience. A very intentional way to start the day as you make your morning coffee.

Statement Seating

Comfortable, well-positioned seating is essential for good kitchen planning. It is hugely important to ensure that your luxury kitchen becomes the real heart of your home, where people love to linger longer. Statement seating, whether vivid jewel-hued plush velvet banquettes or refined design-classic stools, are the furniture workhorses are no longer willing to take a back seat. The idea of the kitchen as a living hub, not just for cooking and eating but a place to congregate and create a sense of community is central to the increased focus on stand-out seating.  Strong colours and swooping shapes in luxurious and well-considered materials have put this vital element centre stage. When perusing the kitchen Lighting trends 2024 it’s important to consider that the seating area will need it’s own scheme. The strongest trend emerging in kitchen lighting is subtle layering, with less focus on pendants and more integrated lighting in pantries, under shelving and wall lights, so think carefully about how that translates for your space. For those areas that cry out for a stand-out pendant, such as a dedicated dining area, the playful glass Vintage Light from Rothschild & Bickers will create an elegant but playful mood, also delivering the Dopamine Design trend with one detail.

Conscious Production

The latest kitchen trends are more than just easy on the eye, they must be as easy as possible on the planet. Of course, a meaningful way to be a conscience decorator is to choose items that will endure from both a practical and style perspective. An ideal way to select kitchen design that you will still love regardless of fashions, is to focus on materials that encompass a timeless quality. Wood, stainless steel and marble in classic shapes, whether with a minimal, accessible wide draw or refined classical cabinetry, will create a space that will work with changing accessories and wall colours as years and fashions change. This refined space for our clients works with the unique architecture of the building, creating a calm, soothing space, which is always a stylish mood.  All of the wood used by Roundhouse is responsibly sourced and produced in our innovative factory in the Malvern Hills, where we combine traditional joinery techniques with the latest machinery to preserve skills, minimise waste and build cabinetry that will last.


The best Kitchen Ideas 2024 are not afraid to mix things up. Pattern has made an enormous return to the forefront of design after the long reign of the pared back kitchen design. Not the overwhelming maximalism and country house decadence that evolved as a reaction to the minimal look that came in the 2000s, but a warmer blend between the two styles. Decorative tiling, such as those in our West Dulwich project, adds an almost lacy effect to this simple kitchen design. This idea works with strong kitchen colours or can also give a softer colour, such as the popular baby pink shade in our Studio range a sharper design edge. Whatever your preferred interior design style the addition of a little pattern, whether in your booked matched marble countertop on your kitchen island or the repetition of a bold ceramic tiled backsplash will deliver a look bang on trend. And as ever with Roundhouse, one that has staying power.

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