Abrami-Gill: A Bright White & Walnut Kitchen from Roundhouse Design
Abrami-Gill kitchen design uses maximum light and minimum effort, in a luxury family kitchen that’s ready for anything. Learn more about Roundhouse kitchens.
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ABRAMI GILL: A Bright White & Walnut High Gloss Kitchen


Maximum light and minimum effort, in a bright white and walnut high gloss kitchen that’s ready for anything. This elegant powerhouse looks beautiful and works perfectly. High-gloss lacquered surfaces bounce light around this huge space.

The statement piece is undoubtedly the island. Resplendent in high gloss book-matched horizontal veneer in walnut. State-of-the-art appliances and acres of storage are arranged discreetly around the room.

Urbo handle-less

High Gloss and Walnut / Composite Stone


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