10-step guide to buying a bespoke Roundhouse Kitchen

Thinking about a new beautiful bespoke kitchen? Where do you start? We’ve put together a short guide to buying a bespoke kitchen to help you get started. Buying a bespoke kitchen means you’ll get a kitchen that is designed to suit you. To use a ‘tailoring’ analogy, a bespoke kitchen is just like a bespoke suit; the size and shape is cut to fit, it will be exactly what you want, and it should last a lifetime. At Roundhouse this means that our designers really go the extra mile to understand your needs and ideas.

1. Make a must-have list

Are there things you just can’t live without? It helps to list your priorities, for example; if you are a keen cook you might want acres of prep space with a modern kitchen island or you may want an entirely clutter-free kitchen so lots of storage space will be critical. Are there specific appliances that you must have, or maybe you have a desire for a particular work surface.

2. Think about the whole space. 

If you have an extension being built or walls demolished to create a large open space, by talking to our kitchen designers early on, your luxury kitchen can be designed as an integral part of that space rather than as an after thought. Think about how you will use the space; for example will it be more than just a kitchen where food is prepared, a social space for family and a place to entertain too?

3. Gather your inspiration

Collect as much reference material as you can, from a variety of sources, such as magazines, Pinterest https://www.pinterest.co.uk/roundhousedsgn/ or from the gallery on our website. Focus on what really inspires you – the more reference material you can amass, the easier it will be for our designers to really understand what it is you like. Images of kitchens, work surfaces, splashbackstiles, kitchen islands, layouts, colours all are really helpful.

4. Have a budget in mind

Have a plan of how much you want to spend – by being frank about this upfront your Roundhouse designer will be able to help you choose what you should invest in and where you may be able to save. For example having extra wide bi-fold doors can help save on bespoke cabinetry costs and some types of cabinetry and veneers are more expensive than others, and the same goes for work surfaces and of course appliances. However, because we’re bespoke, Roundhouse kitchens can be tailored to your exact requirements. We can make cabinets, drawers, extra wide, deep or extra tall, pretty much any shape or size you want. Roundhouse kitchens start from £30,000.

5. Speak to a designer early on in the process

The process of designing a bespoke Roundhouse kitchen is all about consultation and collaboration. We’re open, down-to-earth people who’ll work closely with you (and with your architect or interior designer if you have one) to ensure the overall plan and every specification and detail are spot-on. By getting to understand your needs, your designer will come up with creative ideas you may not even have considered. Roundhouse designers are experts, with years of knowledge of not only creating beautiful kitchens but also of the latest appliances, fixtures and fittings and our own innovations in finishes developed exclusively by the Roundhouse R & D team.

6. What about the build?

Roundhouse bespoke kitchens are built by skilled craftsmen in our own British factory, which means that we can be incredibly flexible and creative with our kitchen designs and some of our finishes are unique and unseen elsewhere. With an almost limitless choice of materials, colours, fittings and styles our bespoke kitchens are totally adaptable, so although we supply standard sized cabinetry, we can also make extra wide or extra shallow, for taller or shorter people, virtually any non-standard size.

7.  Nailing the nitty gritty

Once you had your initial chat with a designer, we’ll ask you to bring in your measurements and/or drawings, if you’re working with an architect. Based on our consultations with you we’ll produce a bespoke kitchen design, which may be tweaked and changed until you are absolutely happy with it.  Once you’ve committed to the project and paid a deposit we’ll allocate build time in our factory. We will make any changes you require and you’ll get a pack with detailed technical drawings and a final price and delivery date.

8. Delivery & Installation

Each project has a dedicated installation manager who oversees the Roundhouse installation team and all aspects of the final build to ensure that your kitchen takes shape exactly as intended – and they will co-ordinate with your builders. Your kitchen will be delivered, wrapped and protected, by our own delivery team. The base cabinets will be fitted first, followed by the templating of the worktops, prior to the final installation.

9. Closure meeting

We’ll meet you in your finished bespoke kitchen to view the completed project, to ensure that you are absolutely happy with everything and to show you how your new appliances work so that you’ll get the optimum use from them. We’ll also present you with a ‘thank–you and welcome to your new kitchen pack’

10. What have you got?

As a multi-award-winning company we’re very proud to say to all our clients that when you buy a Roundhouse bespoke kitchen you should get many years of enjoyment from it. When clients move home they often return for another Roundhouse kitchen – many are on their second or third and you can’t get a better recommendation than that!