5 Key design elements of a boot room

If your designer kitchen is fast becoming a dumping ground for coats, boots, umbrellas and pet gear, have you considered a boot room? This designated zone for stashing outdoor kit will truly transform the landscape of your home. First off, a boot room can help streamline your bespoke kitchen design where so much of this stuff tends to end up. And as the gateway to your interior, Roundhouse experts will ensure your boot room is as stylish and practical as any luxury big kitchen design. So, what are the essential ingredients of a boot room? Where do you start with this extra bespoke design?

Read on for some expert advice from Roundhouse.

Get organised

Boot rooms are luxurious yet hardworking spots. Not just a handy storage hub for rucksacks, shoes and balls, they are the place to tackle the really messy jobs of daily family life. Think scrubbing muddy boots, storing winter weather gear or drying off a soggy dog. Just like a bespoke kitchen design, boot rooms require great storage and top notch organisation. Try a mix of peg racks, built in cupboard storage and low-slung benches with cubbyholes beneath. Can you make space in a kitchen design by moving cumbersome items and bulk buys into a boot room? Talk it through with Roundhouse designers who are well-versed in every aspect of boot rooms and bespoke kitchens.

Introduce a sink zone

Boot rooms are all about dealing with messy jobs before you enter the main part of the house or luxury kitchen design. Cleaning pets, washing muddy boots, arranging flowers, all need access to water. Installing a contemporary kitchen sink station is one of our best tips for a super-useful boot room. Depending on space, you could go for a large double bowl kitchen sink in traditional ceramic. Or else a luxury sink built under cool kitchen worktops. Pair with modern brass taps for an elevated boot room design you can’t live without.

Combine with a utility room

It might be a good idea to combine a boot room and a utility room in one – especially if you’re short on space. Yes, the bootility is a fabulous, multi-purpose concept. It can house bulky laundry appliances and free up square footage in your luxury kitchen design. Indeed, our bespoke kitchen cabinets can be tailormade to house a washing machine and tumble drier as well as dedicated cupboards for detergents and powders. Factor in a modern kitchen sink station for all your handwashing tasks plus a pulley ceiling rack to dry delicate items. Your new bootility room just got seriously epic.

Use tough materials  

The key to a neat and tidy boot room is good storage for sure – and that’s where Roundhouse bespoke cabinets are the perfect choice. But it’s also about function and hygiene. Choosing tough materials that can withstand a daily battering of wear and tear should be top of the list. Try robust flagstones underfoot and hardwearing kitchen work surfaces in granite or quartz that won’t stain or chip and can be easily wiped clean. Tongue and groove panelling painted in a tough eggshell will protect walls and instil a cosy, rural vibe to the space. Consider using the same materials as an adjoining luxury kitchen design for a harmonious sense of flow to your interior.

Don’t forget style too

Boot rooms might be transitional spaces – the entry and exit to your home – but they need to be beautiful too. As well as practical materials and built in storage cupboards, don’t forget style. After all, a boot room is often the first part of your home family and friends will see. Play around with colour, kitchen lighting ideas and striking surfaces. You might want to go bold with navy or burgundy bespoke cabinets (which won’t show up every splash of mud). Or try echoing a marble top kitchen island and bronze kitchen tap from the main kitchen. Contact a Roundhouse designer today and make your dream boot room a reality.

What is the best flooring for a boot room?

Go for dark natural stones that are hardwearing and hide the dirt. You certainly don’t want to be mopping twice a day, every day as soon as you spy muddy pawprints and grubby marks. Choose a material that’s compatible with underfloor heating too. A warm, dry environment is a bonus for drying off clothes and wet pets.

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