5 of the best kitchen splashback materials

What’s the best splashback material for your luxury kitchen design? It’s a question we’re asked a lot at roundhouse kitchens. On the surface (pardon the pun) the answer is simple: choose a tough material to protect walls, especially behind sinks and hobs. You’ll want a surface that is easy to wipe down and can withstand cooking splatters, water spills and steam. But splashbacks aren’t just practical features – style plays an essential part too. In fact, picking the right colour and finish for the splashback zone is one of our favourite ways to elevate bespoke designer kitchens. If you’re stuck for ideas, discover five of our top splashback moments. Get ready to find the perfect splashback for every luxury kitchen room.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles

Tiles are a tried-and-tested design tool to create a hardwearing splashback for upmarket kitchen designs. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and colours making them a super versatile solution for beautiful bespoke kitchens. Try colour blocking your splashback in matt pastels or earthy shades. Or why not experiment with a subtle pattern for a focal point in a neutral kitchen. Decorative, water-resistant and tough, let Roundhouse kitchens show you the beauty of a tiled splashback.


Natural stones like quartz, granite and marble are classic materials for bespoke luxury kitchens. Often used for kitchen work surfaces, it’s a great idea to extend the surface to the splashback zone too. Designs range from barely-there neutral markings to bold streaks and dramatic hues. Remember natural stones need to be treated to ensure they are durable and long lasting. For a similar look and with added practical plus points, consider a man-made composite splashback. Manufactured from crushed stone and a resin binder, many of the latest engineered stones have recycled content too, making them an eco-friendly choice for upmarket kitchen designs. This striking composite stone from Compac adds a fabulous design dimension we adore.


For a dash of luxe appeal, try antiqued mirror glass for an elevated splashback. These toughened glass panels are cut to size and sit behind kitchen work surfaces for a seriously cool focal point in bespoke kitchens. Roundhouse can specify heat resistant mirrored splashbacks for behind the hob too. Distressed glass offers a warm vintage mood but works equally well in luxury contemporary kitchens. Don’t forget, the reflective qualities of mirrored glass help to bounce light around smaller bespoke kitchens beautifully.


Sheets of burnished bronze or shiny metal can transform a kitchen design. Bespoke stainless steel splashbacks will add a modern, professional tempo – they’re also super hygienic and thin if you want a flat finish. Aged brass splashbacks are packed with colour and character in a luxury kitchen room. They can be lacquered to prevent further ageing or left bare if you want a gorgeous antique patina to develop over time. Time to cast a feel-good glow with metallics…


Make a cool, modern statement in your luxury kitchen room, with a terrazzo splashback. Originating in 16th century Italy, terrazzo is tough, striking and perfect for busy areas. Just remember to finish with a sealant to prevent staining, crucial for a busy family kitchen design. A cement or resin base is mixed with marble, granite, glass or quartz chippings to create a smooth, practical and highly decorative surface. Colours depend on the particles added, from urban greys to retro pastels. You don’t need to live in a historic home to use terrazzo, it’s a material that works for every bespoke kitchen design. Seek out terrazzo-effect porcelain tiles for a more cost-effective splashback solution.

What is the most practical splashback?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are robust, heat and water resistant and easy to clean. Do be mindful of grout lines though. Dark grout might be more practical than pure white which may stain over time. Composite stone splashbacks are a durable option for luxury designer kitchens too. Consider matching worktops and splashback in a smooth engineered stone for masses of style and practical design flair.

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