Beautiful inside and out – wardrobes to get hung up on


Bespoke wardrobes are a game-changer in the bedroom, offering unparalleled luxury and complete customisation. Designed to fit seamlessly into your sleep space, tailormade wardrobes utilise every inch efficiently and effectively, ensuring a clutter-free sanctuary where you can unwind and relax. Did you know Roundhouse make beautiful bespoke wardrobes that are just as exquisitely crafted, inside and out, as our luxury bespoke kitchens? Read on to discover how thoughtfully designed wardrobes can help elevate your bedroom décor and streamline your daily routine.

Space-boosting superpowers

This is satisfying: built-in wardrobes that tuck around the corner to create spacious storage in a relatively small footprint. Using the corner area for long dresses and formalwear that are less frequently worn frees up the main double closets for everyday use. Note how the ceiling cornice runs along the top of the wardrobes for a cohesive, integrated look (and less dusting).

An open-shelved section is a smart way to break up expanses of cabinetry, but it’s still a very practical feature that can be filled with bedtime books and storage baskets. When doors are opening onto each other, Roundhouse designers recommend integral handles, like these elegant examples backed in burnished brass, to avoid clashing hardware disrupting the peace. The switch in materials is also a stylish design feature.

Access all areas

Studies reveal many of us wear just 20% of our clothing 80% of the time, and a big reason for that is we can’t see beyond the last items we put away due to cluttered, over-stuffed wardrobes. The secret to unleashing your wardrobe’s full potential and banishing buried piles at the back is personalised internal storage.

The most flexible wardrobe interiors include a mix of open shelving, drawers and rails, and if you go bespoke you can dictate the ratios to suit your needs. This bespoke wardrobe design has a versatile mix of storage solutions to cover all bases. Taking the cabinetry right up to the ceiling maximises storage and provides a neat look. Use top cupboards for lighter items, like off-season bedding and luggage.

Plan your layout

Before considering new wardrobes, it’s wise to sort your attire into piles according to whether they are best stored on hangers, shelves or drawers. This is how interior designers ensure their clients’ wardrobes are beautifully appointed and a pleasure to use.

Rails are the most space-efficient choice and make it easier to spot what you need, so aim to hang as much as possible – ideally on double height rails to get more in. Be sure the top rail isn’t too high; you should be able to comfortably remove a hanger without going on tiptoes.

Invest in slimline velvet hangers, which take up less space than wooden or mismatched hangers and the velvet helps delicate clothing stay onboard. Some items, like heavy sweaters are better folded to avoid damage to the yarn, so do allocate some drawers, which are also best for storing socks and nightwear. Shelves are useful for bulkier items like handbags and shoes. 

Add luxury features

Satisfaction is guaranteed when you open your wardrobe doors to reveal all your couture beautifully displayed. Enhance the experience with a few luxury features, such as soft-close hinges, integrated lighting that automatically illuminates upon opening and premium materials. Here, vertical LED strips illuminates more effectively than overhead lights, which often get blocked by the clothing below.

A velvet lined watch drawer with charging, belt and tie hanging systems on the back of the doors, compartmentalised jewellery drawers and custom-sized shoe racks are just some of the luxury features that can be incorporated when you commission bespoke wardrobes.

Quality design

When it comes to fitted wardrobes that are built to last, quality is key. Not only will well-made wardrobes stand the test of time, but they will also enhance the overall look and feel of your space, adding value and sophistication to your home.

Roundhouse wardrobes are made in the same Malvern-based workshops as all our kitchens and furniture and are subject to the same high levels of quality control and excellent workmanship. We use beautifully engineered hinges and drawer runners by Blum, and ensure each wardrobe is beautiful inside and out. The interiors of this wardrobe are finished in dark-stained oak, which provides a rich contrast to the pale pink exterior.

What is the best colour for wardrobes?

Whether you’re seeking a classical Shaker-style door, a contemporary handle-less look or more transitional style wardrobes, the colour possibilities are endless. Pale tones, such as stones, warm whites and dusky pinks will create a serene and calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and restful sleep. Neutrals are also easy to coordinate with other finishes in the room.

Darker colours like graphite or forest green can add drama and will make a stronger style statement, while wood tones can impart a sense of airiness and warmth. With the help of the Roundhouse design team, you can bring your vision to life with confidence, assured that every detail has been carefully considered and crafted to meet your exact specifications.

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