Bespoke Furniture for Small Kitchens

Small kitchens need a good eye from a kitchen designer and combined with bespoke cabinetry it’s possible to create a functional space that works. Even if you don’t have space for that kitchen island you have always wanted or a dining area to entertain guests but small doesn’t have to mean poorly designed. There are so many unique ways that you can make your small custom kitchen feel spacious.

When it comes to maximising space you should make the most of every centimetre, incorporating innovative solutions and locating your appliances in the best possible place.

The first step is to decide where everything needs to go as this will help you decide what sort of bespoke furniture that you need and how much kitchen storage you need to fit into your existing space. Think about how often you use certain items. Make sure everyday items like plates, cutlery and pans are in easy reach while things such as blenders, casserole dishes and baking equipment can be stored higher up in a cupboard or in another area of the kitchen. Use windowsills, shelves and recesses to neatly store baskets containing packets, bottles, spices and herb containers.

You might think that the kitchen is the best place for your washing machine but moving it to somewhere else in your home such as a utility area or garage can free up some all important space that you can use for made to measure, bespoke cabinetry in your kitchen.

Look at your existing kitchen and identify places where there are gaps or wasted space that could be further utilised with important storage space. Below the sink, corners, windowsills and recesses are all great places to use for storage. Don’t forget about the walls too. You can install hooks, knife boards or even the side of your cupboard for racks that you can use to hang various kitchen items.

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