Best kitchen storage; the larder

The great advantage of having all your dry goods storage space in one place is that it makes it much easier to locate things. Hence, the kitchen larder is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance. A larder is more relevant to a well planned bespoke kitchen now than ever before. Compact, coherent kitchen storage space where all your dry goods can go is a necessity for ensuring that your open plan kitchen remains clutter free.

Hidden away

Try to think of your luxury bespoke kitchen larder in the same way you would your utility room. It’s a place for all the relevant food stuffs, and kitchen equipment such as food mixers to be grouped together. Consider what to store/keep out of sight and/or what needs easy access. It should be as large as your space will allow and/or tucked in and hidden in a run of kitchen cabinetry. Plan your kitchen larder well, as a home for all your non-perishables, dry goods, vegetables, bottles and anything you need to see in one hit. Make sure you equip it with everything from open vegetable racks to wine storage, deep drawers, and plenty of open shelving. Think about including a sink for prepping vegetables and marble shelves for cooler storage.

The ultimate kitchen storage solution

Your kitchen larder can be designed around you. The walk-in version can be discreetly hidden behind pocket doors that slide and pivot out of sight (a great solution for  tight spaces).  Or, it can be housed in a separate room accessed from the main kitchen. It can also be disguised pantry-style in a run of kitchen cabinets. If you have the luxury of space, a walk-in larder is the ultimate storage solution. Hidden by a door or doors in a run of kitchen cabinets, it is the perfect storage for all your dry goods. Wine coolers find a perfect home in a walk-in larder and it also helps if the fridge freezer is nearby too. Choose a bespoke design and your larder can be tailored to fit your available space and the style of your kitchen. The best bespoke larders are capacious, packed with shelving and tons of internal storage. They include drawers deep enough to accommodate cereal packets.

A solution for open plan living

Another advantage to a larder is that you see everything in one go, without having to dig at the back of a cupboard. Deep drawers that hold a huge amount help facilitate this, as you view everything from above. Typically, they are in the same finish as the rest of the kitchen. So, if they are viewed from elsewhere, through glazing for example, they look good too. Your fridge freezer can also be accommodated, which may be a desirable solution if your kitchen is part of your main living space. A well-planned larder provides you with flexible storage to create a clutter free luxury kitchen environment.

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