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Lighting is one of the most important elements of bespoke kitchens. It’s also one of the toughest challenges to get right, especially as latest kitchen designs are a multifunctional blend of work, rest and play. While the kitchen’s prime function is still cooking, it’s also a place to dine, entertain, catch up on homework and somewhere to relax – especially in limbo week between Christmas and New Year. More than any other room in the house, it’s crucial to invest in modern kitchen lighting ideas. The key: how to create a flexible and personalised lighting scheme that reflects how you use your designer kitchen. Let Roundhouse experts shine a light on your luxury kitchen design and make it the real heart of the home – from winter through to summer.

Choose layered lighting

Whether you’re rustling up Christmas leftovers into a gourmet feast or treating the kitchen as a sociable hang out, think carefully about your kitchen habits and space. How big is your home kitchen design, do you have a bespoke kitchen island, how many people use the room? The best time to plan kitchen lighting ideas is during the initial stages of a new design. Left as an afterthought and lighting possibilities are limited, impact is minimised, and mistakes can be costly and disruptive to put right. No matter how big or small your luxury kitchen room, layered lighting is crucial. For this, you will need at least two types of lighting: shadow-free, task lighting for safe and efficient cooking and preparation and ambient kitchen mood lighting for everyday use.

Let’s talk about task lighting

Kitchens are super busy places, especially at this time of year. Without effective task lighting upmarket kitchen designs are in danger of becoming accident blackspots: chopping, boiling and washing delicate glassware all require effective illumination. Spotlights recessed under wall cupboards will direct light over the hob, sink and chopping boards. Position as close as possible to the front edge of the cupboard to illuminate the front of modern kitchen worktops where most of the work is done. Likewise, many kitchens now include a luxury kitchen island with appliances, sinks and a seating area. Choose a mix of directional ceiling spotlights and pendant lights. Then add a dimmer switch so you can toggle between bright task lighting for cooking and a softer glow for dining.

Create mood with ambient lighting

Don’t forget, today’s kitchens are the sociable hotspot for family gatherings, New Year’s Eve drinks or a 1st January slap up breakfast to welcome in 2024. So, beautiful bespoke kitchens also demand good general, background lighting to provide uniform illumination throughout the room. Track lighting and recessed spotlights will wash the walls and surfaces with a diffused light. Combined kitchen dining room ideas need a versatile scheme with subtle, mood lighting in the eating area and brighter lights in the working part. Consider a rise-and-fall pendant pulled low over a table for intimate suppers and raised for everyday meals.

Don’t forget accent lighting

You may want to highlight a special feature of your bespoke kitchen design, say a cocktail cabinet or a beautiful vintage vase you may have received in your Christmas stocking this year. If so, feature or accent lighting will inject an extra-special touch. Shine a light on kitchen display shelves or alcoves from above. Or integrate lights into the plinth of a contemporary kitchen island to emit a wash of light across the floor and make cabinets appear to magically float off the ground. Finally, don’t forget the design opportunities of lighting. Match the style of your lighting fittings to your kitchen. Prismatic glass and fine porcelain look beautiful in classic kitchens, metallic pendants create an industrial mood while modern, sculptural chandeliers offer a striking focal point.

Is warm or cool light better for the kitchen?

What colour bulbs you choose – bright, cool or warm – depends largely on personal choice. However, a light temperature between 3000k and 4500k is quite often an ideal choice for kitchens. These bulbs offer a warm to cool white light that is good for focus and preparation and for people gathering together. A brighter 4000k to 5000k light is a great option for creating a cleaner look in modern kitchens and for busy areas that need efficient task lighting.

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