Cosy kitchen ideas

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a warm, cosy kitchen on a wet winter’s day, especially during the long slog of February, when summer feels like a distant dream! Cosy kitchens are often associated with country homes, all inglenook fireplaces, battered armchairs and Labradors by the AGA. But we’re here to prove that contemporary can equal cosy, and modern kitchen design can be just as inviting as anything you’ll find in a quaint cottage. Get set for laidback gatherings and low-pressure cooking with our guide to creating a modern scheme that’s warm and welcoming.

Set the mood

Never underestimate the power of lighting when it comes to achieving a cosy atmosphere in your kitchen. Mood lighting is low-level, soft illumination that’s easy on the eyes. It’s no good for chopping veg but will come into its own when it’s time to relax. Mood lighting should ideally be on a separate switch to the other lights in your kitchen and be fitted with bulbs than emit a low-watt, warm white light, rather than cold white. LED light strips are a popular choice for contemporary kitchen lighting as they don’t interrupt the clean lines of a modern kitchen design and can be recessed under shelving, plinths and wall cabinets, casting a warm, welcoming glow. It’s essential to finalise your lighting scheme as early as possible in the planning process, and our kitchen designers can offer advice on positioning, fittings and controls.

Metallic moments

Richly patinated surfaces in warm metallic tones can have transformative powers on the cosy front. Roundhouse Design’s unique metallic finishes are perfect for introducing cosiness and warmth, while retaining a contemporary narrative. Without the hand finished antique brass panelling and handle details, this moody black kitchen would have been a far starker proposition. Walnut accents, seen here on the coffee table, chopping boards and bar stools, beautifully complement the tonal warmth of antique brass.

Cosy corner

For a kitchen that’s literally comfortable, soft seating is the answer. Make it earn its space by combining with a stylish table that’s big enough for a lazy Sunday brunch and intimate suppers. The best seating moments are tucked into a quiet spot, just far enough away from the cooking area to avoid the hustle and bustle but close enough to carry conversation. Leather is a good option for upholstered seating in the kitchen as it’s wipe clean and comfortable. Choose a thick foam base with medium-firm support – aiming for squishy but not saggy – and layer with cushions for extra lumbar support and colour.

Pops of personality

Introducing personal touches that reflect your lifestyle is a fail-safe way to dial-up the cosy vibes in your kitchen. In contemporary kitchen design, a restrained approach works better than going full-on maximalist; clutter isn’t suited to modern luxury kitchen schemes. We recommend focusing on one or two statement pieces, like the colourful Art in this kitchen, with subtle supporting pieces adding texture and shape. Use open shelving to display cherished ceramics, favourite recipe books and interesting treasures. Aim for relaxed curations by steering clear of symmetrical, rigid arrangements and don’t be afraid to switch things around or add in new pieces to change the mood or provide a fresh talking point.

How do I make my kitchen cosy?

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a modern or traditional bespoke kitchen design, the core ingredients for cosiness are the same. We’re talking about introducing warm, natural materials, textiles (via rugs, window treatments, cushions and soft seating) and soft lighting. It’s all about counterbalancing the uniformity of built-in cabinetry and hard surfaces by adding layers of interest. In luxury modern kitchen designs you can also dial down the functional side of your kitchen and turn up the comfort levels by choosing concealed appliances and discreet fittings to create a space with the more relaxed atmosphere of a living room.

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