Curve appeal, why curves are back in the kitchen

It’s official: curves are firmly back in the kitchen. While luxury designer kitchens were once all about functional straight lines and graphic shapes, we are craving a more organic and welcoming mood. Enter the curve. Try a bespoke kitchen island with a curved silhouette, softly rounded worktops that hug the body or a sinuous kitchen sink minus the hard edges.

Yes, curves in the kitchen are making a sweeping statement just like squishy sofas, fluted lighting and rounded tables are trending across the rest of the house.

Here’s how to introduce the elegance and inviting appeal of curves in a bespoke kitchen design.

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow…

Add a curved island unit

A contemporary kitchen island is a must – so enhance the ergonomic value by introducing an island with curves. Just like a circular dining table, a rounded modern kitchen island with seating is perfect for socialising. You can fit in more seating with curves plus the rounded shape offers a party-happy setting.

Don’t forget that a curved island unit does away with sharp edges and corners, making it a safer choice if you have a young family.

We love the ergonomic flow of this semi-circular island unit. The sweeping stainless steel worktop and curved cabinetry offer an upmarket kitchen design. It also subtly encloses the chef in their own cook space.

Embrace arched architectural features

Elevate a bespoke kitchen design with arched features. Curved alcoves are perfect for fitting out with open shelving – paint the inside a different colour for serious wow factor. And while arched doorways once looked dated, these architectural features now look inviting, softer and bang on trend.

This wall of arched windows with crisp black framing offers a subtly monastic look that contrasts with the sharp angles of the marble kitchen island. Curves in the kitchen are oh so cool for all the right reasons.

Curate curved accessories

A simple way to add curve appeal to your Roundhouse kitchen is with an edit of curvaceous accessories. Group softly rounded vessels in clay and terracotta and line up on open shelving. Statement cylindrical vases in bold enamel glazes also look amazing perched on a luxury kitchen island – leave bare or fill with a few stems.

Globe style kitchen lighting hung above a table or peninsula will create contrast too – especially in a bespoke luxury kitchen that’s sleek and clean-lined.

Try rounded worktops

Curved worktops are elegantly chic on a standalone kitchen island. Even if the base units underneath are traditional square-shaped cabinets, you can achieve a softer look with a rounded worktop edging.

In this kitchen, the mix of brushed metal sides and slim marble top kitchen island creates a striking centrepiece. Organic-shaped bar stools in warm, undulating wood finish off the eclectic look.

Let Roundhouse kitchen experts help you achieve the curves and rounded design details you desire

What is a curved kitchen?

Curved kitchens are hot for 2023. It’s about harnessing the softer detailing with organic curves and a free-flowing outline on cabinets, lighting, furniture and worktops. The key is to contrast straight lines with curvaceous forms so seek advice on what aspects of your bespoke kitchen design to elevate. Curved bespoke kitchens offer a subtle nod to retro fashion – a design movement which is experiencing a huge comeback all over the interiors and wardrobes.

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