Custom built kitchen storage

The kitchen is home to all kinds of gadgets, cookware, appliances and accessories for cooking so custom built kitchen storage is the solution to neatly tidy away all of your items. It can be difficult to organise your various pieces of equipment, baking trays, food packets and cans and it’s so easy to fill up every inch of space, particularly if you have a smaller kitchen.
There are lots of creative techniques that you can use to organise your kitchen from creating your very own walk in pantry through to organising your endless stream of cookware. Finding inspiration for your next kitchen redesign can be daunting but that’s where the expertise of a professional proves so useful. We have put together our top tips for building your kitchen around custom built kitchen storage.

Idea 1 Pantry
Pantry’s aren’t just small rooms that belong in old fashioned kitchens. When designed well they can really make a difference to your kitchen. A custom built pantry can include pocket doors, endless shelf space and pull-out baskets to name a few, all of which can be filled with bottles, packets, jars and boxes

#2 Drawers
But not just any drawers. Make the most of redundant space with unique corner drawers. Running right into the corner of your kitchen they can be used to store a whole host of kitchen items, large and small and you can even include a deep pan drawer to store away your pots, pans and other items of cooking equipment.

#3 Appliance Tidy
Small appliances such as coffee machines, small handheld blenders, toasters and more can all leave a kitchen looking untidy if left out on the worktop. An appliance tidy will neatly store away all of these items leaving your worktops clear and your kitchen looking tidy and well organised.

Custom Built Storage at Roundhouse
We often think that our kitchens are a bit like the Tardis, with acres of space hidden behind a seamless exterior. This Roundhouse bespoke kitchen visited recently by our Kitchen Coach, Amy, packs a vast amount of storage behind its sleek facade. That’s the power of working with a kitchen designer who specialises in bespoke kitchens.

The whole kitchen is really well laid out with two double larders, one with full height drawers; floor to ceiling and the other is stacked with glasses, cups and china. A further small single larder has drawers and shelves and is filled with breakfast items, coffee and cups. The storage ideas work really well in this kitchen and provide the client with lots of space to store their all important kitchen items.

It’s a Roundhouse Urbo handle less, matt lacquer bespoke kitchen with the sink run and island in Farrow and Ball Plummet and the tall run and wall cabinets in Farrow and Ball Manor House Grey. The work surface  on the main run and island is polished Basaltino and on the Specva breakfast bar, River Wash Heart Ash, a light driftwood colour.

It’s a fabulous example of the enormous amount of custom built storage that can be fitted into a Roundhouse bespoke kitchen.