Custom Built Storage

Custom built storage is perfect for kitchens that require a minimalist design. When you have everything in its place and within reach it makes cooking a lot easier and more enjoyable. When it comes to bespoke design that’s where we can help. It’s so important to have a kitchen that’s designed around you rather than you working to the design of the kitchen. If you love baking, then we can create bespoke cabinets for your cookware or custom built storage for your accessories and baking kit. The end result is one that works for you and looks great too.

Our approach to design is completely unique in that we divide your kitchen into zones or key areas to help you stay organised and use the kitchen space in the best possible way. We do this in the several ways:
Cabinets and Custom Built Storage
The cabinets form the main component of your kitchen so it’s important to get them right. Not just in terms of their appearance but their size and location. We will keep everything as simple as possible, tailoring it around your requirements, understanding exactly how you use the kitchen so we can build your cabinets around your needs. Clever cabinet placement can also make the best use of the available floor space, reduce clutter and create a sense of style.
Base units which have been expertly designed and custom made can create a more bespoke feel offering effective storage solutions and allowing you to make sure that there are enough cabinets and they are the right size for you to store everything you need to. You can even create bespoke drawers and racks used to store pans and other crockery.
Pull out corner cabinet shelving or a carousel allow you to store away all of your smaller packets, jars and bottles, keeping the work surfaces looking clean and tidy.
Kitchen design is part art, part skill and it takes a lot to get just right. It’s important to understand how the kitchen space will be used so that the design works well for everyone.
Roundhouse Design
We have been able to work on a variety of interesting projects. This beautiful basement in London really packs a punch when it comes to style and use of space. It’s a Classic lay on Urbo painted bespoke kitchen in Farrow & Ball Moles Breath with island in Brass Metal Wrap, matt-sanded finish. All of the cabinets, fixtures and fittings perfectly complement each other to create a tailored kitchen area that our client loves.
There is so much custom built storage in this  kitchen that not an inch is wasted  – it just goes to show what Roundhouse bespoke furniture can offer for every type of space.