Creating the Perfect Utility Room

Utility rooms are often thought of as just a room to do your laundry and store your detergent; a place for chores and therefore, requiring little thought or attention. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Creating a perfect utility room should be given the same care as any custom kitchen design. There are practical considerations as well as aesthetic decisions to be made to create a space that works functionally and continues the beautiful theme of your home. Here are our best tips for the most common asked questions about the modern utility room.

How can I create space for a utility room if I don’t already have one?

If you go for a bespoke kitchen company it will mean that the cabinetry can be built to fit your available space – it’s often surprising how much can be squeezed into the smallest of spaces.

Does a utility room need to be next to the kitchen?

It makes sense to have it close by to your luxury kitchen as it is more convenient for the utilities to be connected but there is no hard and fast rule.

What are the essential elements for a successful utility room?

Utility spaces should be uncluttered, functional rooms, with easy to clean work surfaces and packed with as much storage space as is possible. If there is enough space for ironing, an open cupboard with hanging space and shelves for freshly laundered clothes is very useful.

What kinds of cabinetry work best in a utility room?

If the utility room is connected to the kitchen it makes sense to continue to use the same style of cabinetry and kitchen shelf ideas as it will enhance the feeling of space and visual continuity. Consider the practicality of the work surfaces and the internal layout of the cupboards – do you need shelf space for domestic equipment – upright vacuum cleaners, mops and brushes for example, need to be housed in tall cupboards.

What kind of flooring should I be looking at for my utility room?

Water-resistant flooring so that any accidental spills or drips from wet laundry are easily dealt with. Tiled or stone floors are practical.

What worktop materials are best for utility rooms

It’s important to consider the practicality of the work surfaces. Easy to clean, durable work tops such as composite stone work best.

By working collaboratively with a designer, it is easy to create your perfect utility room – one that fits your unique requirements, while sitting beautifully alongside the rest of your rooms. It may seem like a small part of the house, but it is a room that truly helps to turn a house into a wonderful, functional home.