How to Create a Statement Kitchen

Is there a secret to designing the very best statement kitchen? Here are our simple tips to creating the very best luxury statement kitchen.

How do you go about designing a statement kitchens? 

Statement kitchens are really all about the statement finish.  At Roundhouse design, we would be looking at, for example, marble on the modern kitchen island or bright shiny brass doors or a beautiful veneer finish.  It’s also hugely important to consider the location of the statement and to look at how the architecture works.  For example, if you have a galley kitchen, there’s no point putting brass on the island when you wouldn’t have the space to take a step back and see it.  A white marble kitchen may perhaps work best in this situation. Create your focal point and work from there. 

Appliances are often a large statement piece in a kitchen. How do you build a kitchen around bold appliances? 

You can build a luxury kitchen design around a bold appliance, like a range cooker, aga or big fridges.  When you consider these big appliances, you need to build symmetry off the back of them and work from there. Sometimes you may use these large appliances as a frame or a backdrop.  For example, if you have a run of three black glass ovens, a wonderful aesthetic is too set them off with a walnut finish.  It’s important to think about texture and finish, but creating symmetry is the most important trick to working with appliances. 

Statement appliances and cabinetry are often a big part of creating a luxury kitchen. How do you make space feel more luxurious? 

Adding height and space is crucial to creating a sense of luxury in your luxury modern kitchen designs.  If you are building wall cabinets, for example, set them a little higher than normal off the work surface.  This gives a larger sense of space and feels more grand.  The same could be said for kitchen shelf ideas. By allowing space around focal points, like the hob or even around the sink area, and using tricks such as making cabinets taller, you can accentuate the height of the room.  Another tip – don’t put too much on a contemporary kitchen island.  Overcrowding does not feel grand, especially if you end up elbowing your partner while cooking.

Statement often refers to bold colours in the kitchen; how does the use of colour create a wow design?

It is crucial to incorporate your personality into your luxury kitchen design and it’s something we always try to do at Roundhouse London.  Using colour is fantastic, but it has to reflect you and also incorporate other aspects of the home.  By staying true to your personality, you are sure to create your dream space using the latest kitchen designs every time.