Q&A with Roundhouse Designer, Sam Hart

In a new blog series, we speak to our team of expert kitchen designers to find out more about current custom kitchen trends, what’s going on in the high end kitchen world and to find out the latest news and information they have to share. First up, we chat to Roundhouse Senior Designer, Sam Hart, from our Wigmore Street showroom.

What are the largest trends right now in luxury kitchen design?

Emphasis is still very much on open plan living and now also the incorporation of dedicated work areas after the pandemic where people are working far more from home.  Spending far more time at home has influenced people to get their homes functioning and looking exactly how they want them to be.

How do you expect to see kitchens made in England evolve in the near future?

We are always looking for new materials and different and unique ways to use materials that have always been available.  Right now, natural materials such as stone, timbers and metals with textured surfaces and finishes are in huge demand in the UK.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

In the past when we could travel more, my influences were definitely in places that I visited and the interest of how different cultures and climates use materials.  However, right now it is mostly online following other designers from other parts of the world who are designing in all different sectors.  

How has the pandemic affected kitchen design?

Design right now is about planning homes so that they function on many different levels and allowing children to do home schooling whilst parents balance working from home and running a home all at the same time!  A place for everything is what most people want…so beautiful looking kitchens whilst being extremely functional.