Top Tips for a Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen ideas allow you to upgrade your existing kitchen into a family friendly, modern space. A good design, well placed integrated appliances, effective lighting and a selection of well placed design features will keep your kitchen looking tidy, stylish and free from clutter while giving you more space to cook, dine and entertain. What are the features of contemporary kitchen design? Here are just a few:

Clean Lines
If it’s a linear space that you are hoping to achieve, bespoke kitchen cabinets without handles can be really effective. It creates a modern and appealing aesthetic and handles built into the cabinet can create an impressive design feature. In smaller kitchens using cabinet doors without handles can give more sense of space while in kitchens with lots of cabinets it can reduce the amount of hardware that has to be fixed to each door. Lots of hardware can look cluttered and too much. If you really want handles you can go for something minimalistic or sleek looking such as bar handles.

Work Surfaces
Contemporary kitchen design isn’t complete without a striking work surface. The possibilities for your worktops are endless and you can choose any colour, texture or material. Your worktop should complement the rest of your kitchen. There’s products such as Silestone or there’s marble, quartz, granite or wood.

Everything in its place
One of the key features of modern kitchen design is clean work surfaces and uncluttered places to work. While you might want to proudly display your latest kitchen gadget, storing it out of the way so you can make the most of your available space is probably the best thing. Placing kitchen items out of the way will create a sense of space and in an open plan kitchen, good storage where everything has its place is essential.

Contemporary kitchen design is achievable for any kitchen, whether it’s small and compact or a large, kitchen in an extension. It’s all about deciding what works best for your space and working collaboratively with your designer to bring those ideas to life.