Urbo Kitchen and Home Office

When it comes to creating a classic bespoke kitchen, the only limitations are your imagination. Do you work from home or are you setting up a business and you need a small office area to complete your admin, but you don’t have a dedicated space for your office? Have you ever thought of combining your kitchen and your office? Well you can with bespoke design. Any living space, regardless of its size offers endless potential to convert into whatever you like. Here are some top tips for incorporating your home office into your luxury kitchen.

Where do you use your high end kitchen the most? Create a main work centre and any redundant space could be a good option for an office. Do you have a blank wall where you could situate a small table and chair? This would be perfect as an office space.

Use the walls in your kitchen as effectively as you can. Now you’ve identified a place for a small desk, use the wall behind it as a noticeboard, using a cork splashback. It won’t look out of place and is a great place to hang your calendar, notes, recipes and more. A good alternative to cork is a blackboard.

Use your kitchen shelves as space to store office items such as paperwork, files and other business information. Make the most of any spare work surfaces that you might have by installing some pull-out shelving that you can use to store a printer or equipment when not in use.

There are so many creative ways to use your kitchen as an office which will blend in with the existing furniture rather than it standing out and looking out of place. Work with your kitchen designer and let them know your vision. Using their design expertise, they will be able to create a space that combines the best of both worlds.