Design tips for open plan kitchens

Open plan kitchen living is all about shared spaces – a central hub for cooking, eating, relaxing and catching up on work. Big or small, these bespoke kitchens are hardworking yet relaxed designs where everyone can gather in a single open space. Families can prepare dinner while keeping an eye on children; cooks can be part of the action when hosting a get-together. Open plan kitchens are flexible, sociable and inviting but do require careful planning to get it right. Roundhouse experts are on hand to make the most of your open plan space and create the luxury kitchen room of your dreams. Be inspired by upmarket kitchen designs that nail the open plan mood.

Make a statement with an island

Elevate your open plan design with a modern kitchen island. These stylish and practical features offer so many benefits for single space living: extra storage, a dining spot and not least as a stylish room divider. Without some separation, a luxury big kitchen design can feel disjointed – a little lost somehow. A contemporary kitchen island is a clever way to create a visual barrier and break up the space into smaller, well-defined zones. Why not make your marble top kitchen island a design focus too by painting it in a bold, contrasting shade. Hang gorgeous pendants overhead and let the island take the spotlight.

Pay attention to lighting

Every bespoke kitchen needs brilliant lighting. For open plan rooms, lighting should be a priority, especially with so many tasks happening in one space. Layered lighting schemes work best. At Roundhouse Kitchens we can plan an effective blend of task, general and accent lights to highlight features, target work zones and create mood. Hang pendants over a marble kitchen island and pair with brass wall lights for a subtle glow. Try invisible, recessed LEDs if ceilings are low. Don’t forget natural light. Consider sweeping, glass doors, a skylight or roof lantern and turn your luxury contemporary kitchen into a bright and uplifting space for everyone to enjoy.

Try ‘broken plan’ living

If a luxury big kitchen design seems too sprawling, try a ‘broken plan’ approach. The key here is to subtly partition the space to create a super liveable bespoke kitchen with distinct zones. A luxury kitchen island is a popular design trick, but glass screens, half-walls and stepped floor levels are also great ideas. In a busy family home, it’s crucial to factor in a few private spots for quieter activities such as homework and work meetings. In this open plan kitchen, the single room is cleverly broken up with a modern kitchen island and lowered dining zone. Unify with colour, material and foliage for a harmonious design vibe.

Echo colour and style

Perhaps the key to every open plan, luxury designer kitchen is cohesion. Such a well-used space needs distinct design focus. Otherwise, you might be left with a series of chaotic and unloved areas. Laying the same floor throughout is a simple starting point (although don’t be afraid to define with rugs and runners). Then harness a joined up palette of colours and materials to bring your kitchen dining design together. We love how the dark stone worktops in this kitchen are echoed by the architectural structure in the eating zone. Pale pops of terracotta and sky blue inject personality and purpose to each function.

How do I make my kitchen open plan?

Designing a kitchen to make it open plan to the rest of the house might be simpler than you imagine. Open plan bespoke kitchens can work in surprisingly small-ish places so you might not need to build an expensive extension. Knocking down walls between cramped rooms is a good idea – but do consult a builder or architect before you start wielding a sledgehammer. Consider stealing part of a hallway or linking through to a garage. Our team of Roundhouse experts can offer masses of advice: where to start, décor tips and how to zone. Let us help you open up your beautiful bespoke kitchen to become the heart of the home.

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