Designing a kitchen for a flat

We take a look at how flats/maisonettes are typically renovated and when it comes to bespoke kitchens what’s possible and the specific challenges around adding extra space.

Separate rooms are usually combined to make a bigger open-plan space. This presents a larger layout making the luxury kitchen feel more spacious. 

How to maximise the existing layout of the kitchen

The space will be dictated by the shape and size of the flat. The kitchen should be designed in a way that doesn’t obstruct the flow of the flat. Clever storage is very important to ensure everything has a place and that the kitchen is visually connected with the living room.

Choosing a space-saving layout

You should also consider adding kitchen seating at either end of the island/peninsula to become a dining area, or incorporating seating at the back of an island or against a wall where the kitchen table can be pushed close to the walls to save space.

Using floor-to-ceiling height

We often add top boxes to the tall units to incorporate extra kitchen storage or give the illusion of the ceilings being higher, and the room more spacious.

Getting rid of corridors

Open-plan living is the best way to make the most of a small space. It instantly creates a layout that is more social, but you can also section the kitchen with a peninsula or use glass Crittal doors to zone areas.

Using clever kitchen shelving

Bespoke shelving can create interest as well as extra storage while acting as a partition in an open-plan space. This particular one is industrial, which is in-keeping with the rest of the interior.

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