Different Strokes

Finding a kitchen that has a timeless appeal and that will be as fun to be in ten years hence as it is now, or a kitchen that will adapt to your physical space and way of living in it  can sometimes feel a little daunting.
Two kitchens we recently completed demonstrate the flexibility of our bespoke kitchens, and how the same design can look completely different in two diverse locations. One is in a compact apartment converted from an old warehouse in Shoreditch, London, while the other is in a rambling old ex-vicarage in a tiny village in Surrey.
The smaller scale urban warehouse conversion packs a lot into a relatively compact space  and retains an urban vibe, through the juxtaposition of discreet contemporary cabinetry against exposed brickwork. The country house kitchen is a beautifully proportioned room with an island in mango wood veneer that perfectly suits its understated style.  Both kitchens are from our Urbo handleless range in a matt lacquer finish and provide a great example of just how adaptable Urbo can be.
So, whether you are an urban-lover used to London’s compact spaces or a country dweller with plenty of room to spread out, there is a Roundhouse bespoke kitchen with your name on it!