Fancy floors to finish off your kitchen

You’ve agonised over door style, colour palette, worktops and appliances. But what about kitchen flooring? From solid wood to stone and ceramic tile, choosing the right floor – and having it installed properly – can make or break a luxury designer kitchen. Of course, floors need to be tough, long lasting and hardwearing but they also add an extra design element to bespoke kitchens. Don’t muddle through with a run-of-the-mill floor with zero personality. Instead, go all out on a fancy yet functional surface to enhance your luxurious kitchen design. It makes sense to pick out flooring at the same time as worktops. Roundhouse kitchen designers can guide through all the options. You’ll be floored at what’s on offer…

Try out terrazzo

Terrazzo floors will take your luxury kitchen room to the next level. Restaurant bars and hotel lobbies often use terrazzo because it’s tough, striking and perfect for busy areas. It looks super cool in kitchens too. A cement base is mixed with marble, granite, glass or quartz chips to create a highly particulate, modern retro mood. Colours depend on the chippings added – from muted pastels and monochrome to bold orange and hot pink. It is a durable material but may need to be sealed to prevent staining – crucial for family kitchen ideas. Alternatively, terrazzo-effect porcelain tiles are a cost-effective dupe that work just as well.

Create a rug effect

Think outside the box with a rug-effect floor idea. Thanks to a border of patterned tiles, this modern kitchen island with seating appears to sit on a rug. The tiled area merges seamlessly into charcoal washed planks for a beautifully durable surface packed with style points. It’s a super simple design concept that elevates a functional cooking hub into an inviting space. Add in copper highlights and a chunky marble top island for a bespoke kitchen you’ll never want to leave. 

Choose a luxury stone

From rustic terracotta to slick marble, a natural stone kitchen floor will last a lifetime – if laid and treated properly. The sheer variety of different sizes, finishes and formats means there is stone tile for every bespoke kitchen. Choose from tumbled limestone for a soft, country mood or a smooth, honed finish with crisp edges in a luxury modern kitchen design. Nearly all natural floors will need two coats of sealing for added durability. Pair with an underfloor heating system to cosy up the heart of your home. For extra charm and character, buy reclaimed or salvaged stone – an eco-friendly choice for beautiful bespoke kitchens everywhere.

Seek out a skinny herringbone

Timber floors are warm, classic and hard to beat for bespoke kitchens. But with so many different options available, it pays to do your research. Solid wood will need treating and more maintenance than multi-layered, engineered timber boards which are strong and stable. How you lay your wooden floor will have huge impact on your designer kitchen too. Long, continuous floorboards help unify an open plan luxury big kitchen design. Patterns such as herringbone and chevron are popular too. This skinny herringbone floor is the star of this beautiful bespoke kitchen. It adds a designer dimension to the modern wood panelling.

Try two different floors

Why not double up on kitchen flooring? We love how single, all-over floors create a harmonious look in open-plan spaces. However, using two types of flooring in a luxury big kitchen is a brilliant tool for subtly defining zones. In this upmarket kitchen design, the central kitchen zone is finished with dark stone flags. The contrasting wood planks around the edges create a seriously chic design statement by sticking to the grey colour palette.

What is the most durable kitchen flooring?

Natural stone floors are tough, won’t harbour dust and are easy to maintain with a quick brush or vacuum and mop with mild detergent. Granite floors are the toughest while slate offers an economical option. If you lust after marble, be aware that it’s a porous stone and much more delicate so can scratch and stain if not sealed regularly. Terracotta will need to be waxed maybe twice a year depending on traffic. This will enhance the natural colour and protect against staining. Make sure your stone flooring is fitted by an expert who will advise on substrate, how many tiles you’ll need any special finishes so your kitchen floor can last a lifetime.

Our expert kitchen designers can help you make the best choices for your Roundhouse bespoke kitchen, furniture or wardrobes. Visit any of our seven Roundhouse showrooms; Wigmore St, Clapham, Fulham, Richmond, Cambridge, Guildford & Cheltenham and get planning!