How to design a minimalist kitchen

If busy lifestyles leave you feeling frazzled, a minimalist kitchen design might be the answer. Think calm colours, a simple silhouette and clutter-free surfaces with great storage to put everything away. And don’t be put off by the idea of a cold, uninviting space. Today’s minimalist kitchens are in no way stark or sterile – the design tempo has definitely shifted. With the right blend of materials, subtle patterns and restful hues, luxury contemporary kitchens can be as inviting as ever. Yes, it’s time to leave your hectic schedule at the front door and go bespoke with a minimal kitchen. Let Roundhouse experts show you the way to a tranquil space. And relax…

Do a declutter

Minimalist kitchens are clean-lined kitchens. So, you need to streamline your space with a deep declutter. Cull your crockery, cutlery and cooking kit and leave just the essential tools for your luxury kitchen design. Say goodbye to pots and pans tumbling out of cupboards. No more mismatched mugs, stacks of plates and duplicates of spoons, spatulas and sieves. Clean out your fridge and do a food audit. Keep work surfaces free of clutter. You are ready for the perfect, pared-back scheme and the minimalist kitchen design of your dreams.

Streamline storage

Efficient storage is key. Plan cupboards and drawers from the outset so your upmarket kitchen design sticks to the minimalist ethos. Well-used items should be stashed near the hub of the cooking action. Less frequently used kit can be stored in higher cupboards. Mix up open shelving and closed units in a luxury kitchen island for a practical centrepiece that’s also easy on the eye. Above all else, be inspired by Scandinavian design rules which combine form and function. The result: a minimalist yet beautiful bespoke kitchen that’s a joy to use.

Strip back the colour

Keep colour choices simple, understated and fuss-free. Pure white worktops and cupboard fronts are fool proof for the minimalist mood. If this is a little too cool, try a warm putty shade on a modern kitchen island. Monochrome kitchens are strikingly chic. Soft sage green and darker hues like charcoal and navy create a modern silhouette that’s minimal but in a 21st century way. Avoid busy patterns and clashing colours but add metallic flashes such as a bronze kitchen tap for visual contrast. Kitchen designers at Roundhouse can help you achieve a minimalist kitchen mood that’s still packed with so much personality.

Choose beautiful materials

Stick to the minimalist look with modern, architectural doors from Roundhouse. Plain, slab-style fronts are perfectly elegant and enduring for your luxury contemporary kitchen. Why not got handle-free to enhance the sleek lines even further. The next step is to focus on beautiful materials that transform a stark, minimal kitchen into an inviting one. We love adding warmth with timber cabinetry – a smooth, matt finish with no fancy details. And don’t forget, a marble top island to inject just the right hint of subtle pattern and texture.

How can I make my kitchen look minimalist?

Clear your worktops of ornaments, bowls and small appliances you hardly use. The key is to declutter, tidy away and strip back by storing essentials behind closed doors in your bespoke kitchen design. Keep out a few considered decorative objects that make you smile. Ditch the plastics and go for a mix of natural materials like timber, marble and stone. Finally, choose a palette of calming colours and create an upmarket kitchen design with a minimalist edge you’ll adore.

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