Foodie Fest in Fulham

20150413_133338With a tradition for cooking for the team on alternate Mondays now firmly established, our lucky Fulham crew enjoyed a Greek feast this week.
Served in one of our lovely bespoke kitchens in the Roundhouse Fulham showroom, Amy P (we have two lovely team members called Amy) cooked homemade Greek pittas with olives accompanied by tzatziki, hummus and taramasalata dips. Her main course was lamb moussaka with greek salad and the desert was homemade baklava with Greek yogurt.20150413_124749
Our food-loving team doesn’t just design, manufacture and build bespoke kitchens, but uses them and understands how they function too – so when you visit one of our seven showrooms you can be confident that when it comes to bespoke kitchens, we really do know what we’re talking about!