Free thinking – how to use standalone furniture in your kitchen

There is something charming about freestanding kitchen design. Perhaps it is the look and feel of a pantry cupboard or an elegant dresser that instils notions of a bygone era. Or perhaps unfitted furniture embraces an artisan quality that holds so much appeal in a luxury kitchen room. Either way, our team at roundhouse love designing beautiful bespoke kitchens with a freestanding element. Discover how standalone furniture can transform your space. We’ll help you create a relaxed unfitted mood with all the benefits of 21st century bespoke designer kitchens.

Raise furniture on legs

Putting together an entire kitchen of freestanding furniture can be a challenge. Unfitted works best in large kitchen dining room ideas so you can get the right balance of storage, work zones and appliances. Another option is to mix and match a built in kitchen design with a few standalone pieces. Alternatively, why not create the illusion of freestanding by adding legs. It’s a simple design trick that can make a modern kitchen island appear portable even if it can’t be moved. Likewise, if your kitchen pantry cabinet is part of a fitted run of units, simply raise the unit on legs.

Invest in a glass fronted dresser

Everything from roundhouse kitchens is manufactured to order. We use traditional British joinery techniques and luxury materials to expertly craft latest kitchen designs. That includes our standalone bespoke kitchen cabinets. For a classic statement, our glass-fronted Nightingale is the ideal piece to show off your best glassware – and have everything at arm’s reach ready to use. Meanwhile, the more modern Brompton cabinet (shown above) offers clean lines, metal frames and built in lights to make your treasures glow.

Choose portable pieces

Don’t forget, standalone bespoke cabinets and tables are also portable and can move homes with you. Try a butcher’s block on wheels or a small linen press to store brooms, dust pans and cleaning products in a roundhouse utility room. This L-shaped kitchen dining design includes a corner seating hub. The easy-on-the-eye blend of built-in benches and modern table and chairs is comfortable and sociable. It strikes the perfect balance of fitted and unfitted for beautiful bespoke kitchens everywhere.

Update with a statement piece

If you fancy a mini kitchen upgrade – or need extra storage space – freestanding furniture will add masses of impact. Pick out unfitted kitchen cupboards in a bold hue or a luxury material. In upmarket kitchen designs, our charcoal painted Nightingale cabinet backed with mirror panelling will add serious style points. These pieces become fabulous design tools in the hands of our furniture makers. We can work together to match your exact needs. Beautiful bespoke kitchens just got even more beautiful…

Ditch the wall cupboards

Even if you go for a fully fitted kitchen design, there are ways to give it an unfitted silhouette. Choosing a modular style bespoke kitchen and getting rid of wall units is a good solution. The main focal point here is the metal kitchen island which looks more like a freestanding piece of furniture than a functional built-in design. It’s a brilliant example of how a modern kitchen island can sit beautifully alongside an antique fireplace and vintage wall panelling.

What is the difference between freestanding and fitted kitchens?

Put simply, a freestanding kitchen is made up of individual pieces of furniture that can be moved around. It gives you the flexibility to create a new layout and add to your design if you wish. However, fully unfitted kitchens can be tricky to design and generally work best in larger rooms. A fitted bespoke kitchen design is fixed into a particular layout. Cabinets and utilities are expertly designed and fitted so every inch of space is maximised. Contact a roundhouse designer who can combine both for your luxury kitchen room.

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