Get stocked up for Christmas with an organised pantry

Christmas means more food, more drink and more stuff to stash in your kitchen design. It’s that time of the year when storage needs to work really, really hard to keep everything under control. Pantries and larders are one of our favourite ways to do just that. Whether you want a huge kitchen pantry cupboard, walk in larder ideas or pantry style doors, our Roundhouse designers are on hand to help. Bespoke designer kitchens are unrivalled when it comes to creating superb storage – not just for the festive season but all year round. So, what are you waiting for? Get stocked up for the festivities: from brandy butter to clementines and crackers, festive liqueurs and Christmas coffee, Roundhouse has got your storage needs covered. Prepare for a sprinkling of Christmas kitchen magic…

Design a bespoke larder

There is something so luxurious about an oversized kitchen pantry cabinet or separate larder room. Both offer spacious storage solutions and help keep the rest of the kitchen clear and clutter-free. Maybe you’ve got space to dedicate a section of your upmarket kitchen design to walk-in storage – perfect for stashing festive bulk-buys and hiding blenders, waffle makers and bread machines. Or perhaps a double-door pantry cupboard with drawers and spice racks is your dream storage saviour. Either way bespoke kitchens can incorporate these hardworking pieces of kit. Decide on shelving, herb racks, wicker baskets, a cool marble shelf and non-food items like glasses and crockery. Make a Christmas wish and let us do the hard work for you.

Work in a narrow solution

Don’t let lack of square footage put you off. Smaller kitchens can also benefit from a pantry or larder cupboard. The key is to maximise the footprint you have with clever kitchen cupboard ideas. That might mean a narrow kitchen pantry cabinet that stretches to the ceiling to make the most of every last inch. We can transform the end of a run of units with built in storage cupboards fitted with larder doors, slide-out shelves and integrated lights. Voila! You can see all your mince pies, marzipan pigs and mulled wine at a glance. Alternatively, skinny larder ideas that slot neatly underneath the worktop are small-space heroes to stash condiments like jams, cranberry sauce and Christmas chutneys.

Try an appliance garage

Your kitchen pantry cupboard doesn’t simply need to be head-to-toe in foodstuffs. In fact, appliance garages are popular features in today’s bespoke luxury kitchens – and a modern way to utilise storage. Create extra space for cooking and prepping on kitchen worktop designs by keeping your kettle, toaster and coffee maker in a kitchen pantry cabinet. These small appliances are used on a daily basis, so keep together in a single storage hub, and hide behind closed doors when not needed. Make sure the pantry is fitted with plug sockets and store mugs, cups, cutlery and breakfast ingredients on shelves above. Here at Roundhouse, we adore designing appliance garages – so let us make all your Christmas wishes come true.

Pick space saving pocket doors

It’s not just the interior of your larder that needs to work extra hard. Beautiful bespoke kitchens plan for every last detail and that includes pantry style doors. Consider adding neat racks and slim shelves to the back of kitchen doors and essentially double up on storage. Look at how kitchen cupboards open too. A pocket door kitchen cabinet is one of our favourite space-saving features. Doors slide back invisibly into recesses either side of a larder unit to create super neat banks of storage. Bi-folding doors concertina back too rather than open out into precious floor space. So, if a larder or pantry cupboard is top of your Christmas present list let Roundhouse make your dream designer kitchen a reality for 2024.

What’s the difference between a pantry and larder?

Today, the terms pantry and larder are often used interchangeably. Both are fabulous storage solutions for a new kitchen, be it rooms or cupboards, however big or small. Traditionally, the larder was a cool room or cellar for storing meats, grain and cheese. Meanwhile the pantry was originally made as freestanding closet or cupboard to store bread. This evolved into a small room for keeping pies, cooked roasts and other uneaten food to be eaten the next day.

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