Glorious green kitchens

From softest sage to glamorous emerald, green is top of the colour charts for luxury kitchens in 2023. At once timeless yet fashionably on-trend, it’s easy to see why so many are embracing the green scene. The eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other colour, which is more relaxing on the nervous system and explains why we often feel calm amid green surroundings. Then there’s the link to nature; using green within the home brings associations of fresh air, health and harmony indoors. Tap into this top kitchen trend with our favourite green kitchen ideas…

Lighten with marble

Darker shades of green will lend incredible depth to any high end kitchen. In a North-facing kitchen refurbishment, dark green can be gloriously moody and dramatic, but if you want to keep the space bright and uplifting, a white marble kitchen is the way forward. Here, Farrow & Ball’s richly pigmented Studio Green on bespoke kitchen cabinets contrasts beautifully with the cool Carrara Marble kitchen island and polished marble subway-style tiles. Light-reflecting glazed wall cabinets and steel appliances help keep everything fresh and inviting.

Add glamorous brass

Any shade of green will look different in different lights, which is why good kitchen design companies always recommend taking door samples home to see how they look in-situ. The green cabinets in this kitchen are the same shade, Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green, as the kitchen shown above, but because the light-levels and surrounding finishes are much darker, it appears almost black. The burnished Antique Brass metal wrap on the marble top island and modern brass taps instil a touch of opulence that really makes this rich green kitchen special.

Work in wood

Green’s natural associations with nature make it the perfect partner to wood in the kitchen. Whether you’re considering the rustic charms of rough sawn oak timber or more sophisticated walnut, green and wood combinations are a guaranteed win. This sophisticated design pairs Riven Smoked Walnut veneer with Farrow & Ball’s Treron – an elegant grey-green with earthy undertones. The bespoke kitchen cabinets are expertly sprayed in matt lacquer for a modern, flat finish that complements the low sheen Walnut veneer. When choosing a sprayed paint finish, it’s important to request a test sample as the colour is often a little lighter than it would be if applied with a brush.

Green on every level

To ensure your new kitchen is green to its core, prioritise sustainability. Every Roundhouse bespoke kitchen is created using ethically sourced materials, and only ever FSC accredited timber. We devote a lot of time to sourcing suppliers and products from manufacturers that share our environmental ethos. We are also part of a tree-planting scheme with The Woodland Trust, and our workshops are heated by Biomass boilers using the offcuts and extraction dust generated during the making process.

There are several, easy sustainable steps everyone should take when buying custom kitchens. First, consider selling your old kitchen, on a local selling site or via a used kitchen company if it’s in good working order. Choose appliances with the best energy ratings possible, switch your kettle for a boiling water tap, and ditch bottled water in favour of a filtered supply.

Finally, ask your designer about the latest recycled and fast-growing materials aimed at kitchen use. There’s been huge developments in surfaces made from marine plastics, mushroom mycelium, cork, bamboo and even coffee grounds in recent years – an exciting direction that Roundhouse designers are avidly following.

What is the best green colour for a kitchen?

When choosing colour for any kitchen, it can help to consider the style of your property, the mood you are seeking and whether you prefer a stand-out feature colour or subtler shades. For example, a classic green combination that might work well in a country Shaker-style kitchen would be muted sage with grey and white design, but for a young, modern look, you might opt for green with pink or Tuscan accent tones. Very dark, off-black greens lend a sophisticated, urban aesthetic that’s perfect for a smart townhouse. Green is incredibly versatile, and complements a wide range of materials, finishes and décor styles. Let our kitchen designers help you find the perfect shade for your luxury kitchen design. 

Our expert kitchen designers can help you make the best choices for your Roundhouse bespoke kitchen, furniture or wardrobes. Visit any of our seven Roundhouse showrooms; Wigmore St, Clapham, Fulham, Richmond, Cambridge, Guildford & Cheltenham and get planning!