How to achieve the ultimate white kitchen

White remains one of the most popular colours for a kitchen design – and it’s easy to see why. White bespoke kitchens are classic, timeless and will never go out of fashion. Not only that, a luxury kitchen design in top-to-toe white suits a sleek, modern cook space as well as a more traditional aesthetic. Win/win. But an all-white kitchen might not be as simple as it first seems. If not done properly, white kitchens can be sterile, uninspiring and cold. That’s where roundhouse kitchens can help. With our expertise, white bespoke kitchens are warm and inviting hubs for cooking, eating and relaxing.

Read on for our style rules to nail the ultimate white kitchen.

Layer with texture

One of the easiest ways to add depth to a white bespoke kitchen design is to layer on texture. Whether you prefer matt, painted kitchen cupboards or glossy white doors, the rule stays the same. Bringing in different materials like oak, quartz or slate will inject a feel-good element to a luxury kitchen room. In this modern white kitchen, the marble top kitchen island includes pale timber bench seating. It’s a clever way to sneak in a dining kitchen design and create a warm, welcoming space to gather.

Use statement materials

White kitchens need visual accents – otherwise your cook space can be bland, boring and lacklustre. Introducing an accent colour, sparingly, is one trick but we think statement materials are the key. A marble island is a fool proof way to add an extra design dynamic to white bespoke kitchens without detracting from the overall elegance.

Carrara marble surfaces and splashbacks are cool, eye catching and rich. Choose from subtle, silvery streaks or a striking, bold pattern depending on the style of your interior design kitchen room. Play around with charcoal and creamy neutrals, for gentler monochrome highlights. Yes, it’s time to luxe up a dreamy white kitchen with a roundhouse design .

Embrace good lighting

Effective layered lighting is a hallmark of beautiful bespoke kitchens. So, great lighting will certainly elevate your white luxury kitchen room, big or small. You can ramp up the bright, airy vibe by maximising natural light with big windows and glass doors. Then, use a mix of modern kitchen lighting ideas and kitchen mood lighting to switch up the ambience whether you are cooking or entertaining. Ask one of our experts about light temperature. Your choice of warmer or cooler bulbs can make a vast difference to how light reflects off your white kitchen cupboards and surfaces. Illuminating stuff…

Highlight the hardware

Handles and drawer pulls are like jewellery for your kitchen design. And in a wall-to-wall white scheme, hardware can boost impact and unlock the quiet luxury mood. You might fancy neat, discreet integrated grips in brushed metal or a statement bronze handle to amplify upmarket kitchen designs. In combined kitchen dining room ideas, why not echo the colour and finish of hardware across plug sockets, modern brass taps or even lamp bases. Mixed metals are another way to inject character to a white kitchen. Here, yellow gold handles add definition to the white built in storage cupboards and contrast with a brushed nickel tap.

Inject personality

Above all else, white kitchens present the ultimate blank canvas. Don’t be afraid to display treasured objects on kitchen shelf ideas or add personality with an unusual stone or vintage bar stool. If wrap-around white is a little too uniform for your design tempo, why not introduce an accent colour. Burnished copper wall units or a putty-coloured bespoke kitchen island might be all you need. Get in touch with Roundhouse kitchens today and let one of our experts talk through the vast possibilities of your beautiful white kitchen design.

How do I add warmth to an all-white kitchen?

Add depth to a white kitchen design with bright accent shades such as brick red, ochre and navy. Try it out on an island or kitchen pantry cabinet for a splashy contrast. You can also make a white kitchen cosy with natural floors such as timber, limestone or slate. Don’t forget textiles too: a kitchen rug, upholstered stools and window treatments are often overlooked elements. Stick to wool, linen and cotton for a warm softness you’ll adore.

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