How to beat the morning rush

As clever kitchen cupboard ideas go, a dedicated breakfast cupboard is one of the smartest innovations to hit modern luxury kitchen design. With back-to-school season now in full swing, just imagine the timesaving, stress busting potential of a one-stop station stocked with all your breakfast essentials. Let Roundhouse Kitchens reveal how including a beautiful breakfast cupboard in your custom kitchen can make light work of the school run during the week and encourage guests to help themselves, come the weekend. Lie-in anyone?

Prime position

The breakfast cupboard concept is simple. All the kitchen cupboard storage items required to prepare breakfast – such as bread, cereal, coffee, mugs and bowls – are located in one place. Ideally that place will be in close proximity to where breakfast is taken, be that the table in kitchen dining designs, or at a luxury kitchen island with breakfast bar.

This allows ingredients and crockery to be gathered quickly and easily, without traipsing through the main hub of the kitchen. To boost speed and agility during morning rush hour, the most efficient designer kitchen layout will position the breakfast cupboard within a few short steps of the fridge for swiftly grabbing fresh milk, butter and juice. Every second counts!

Standalone style

While many breakfast cupboards are built into a bespoke kitchen design, they can also take the form of a freestanding dresser or cabinet, like this stylish example within a spacious kitchen dining design. Positioned away from the main kitchen, this is a true one-stop-shop, and includes a small integrated fridge for fresh supplies. The double doors, in the same burnished brass as the kitchen island, can be closed once breakfast is over, leaving a serene, clutter-free space.

Power up

So, what exactly do you need inside a breakfast cupboard? There are no hard rules, but the main distinguishing point between breakfast cupboard and kitchen larder ideas is the addition of power points for all those small appliances that come into their own at breakfast time. Depending on your needs, that could include a juicer, toaster, bagel maker, and coffee machine. You may not have room for a large double bowl kitchen sink but a boiling water tap and a small prep sink or drip tray is very useful for tea making and cold drinks. Do ensure there is sufficient built in storage cupboards for the tap’s boiler tank, as well as cold-water, electricity and drainage connections.

Fully loaded

As with any bespoke kitchen design, a custom-made breakfast cupboard allows you to maximise every inch. The design team at Roundhouse will talk through what you hope to accommodate and how it can be allocated to support the most efficient use. For example, fitting shelves and racks to the interior doors is brilliant for keeping track of those smaller jars and bottles that might otherwise get lost at the back of built in storage cupboards.

Choosing between drawers or cupboards in kitchen design is always a hot topic, but a breakfast cupboard often works best with a bit of both. For example, deep undercabinet drawers to accommodate less attractive supplies, and kitchen cabinet interior shelves for lining up stylish jars and containers filled with all your favourite cereals. Don’t forget the interior kitchen lights – which will prove an absolute game-changer for those gloomy early morning starts as winter draws in.

What do you put in a breakfast cupboard?

Besides the obvious breakfast ingredients and serve ware, a generous breakfast cupboard can also be used to store general kitchen pantry cabinet items and dried foods. You can also take inspiration from walk in larder ideas when planning out a breakfast cupboard. The highest shelves make great storage for less frequently used kitchenalia, and we love to include plenty of power points. Calculate how many you think will be in permanent use and add at least one more for portable appliances, such as stick blender. Unique kitchen design details to consider include personalised drawers and chopping boards, plus pull-out modern worktops will provide space to spread out when in the full throes of the breakfast rush.

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