Be my guest…

If you’ve invited friends and family to stay for the festive season, it’s time to turn attention upstairs and corral those guest bedrooms from chaotic dumping grounds into restful sleeping spaces. The key to achieving calm, uncluttered bedrooms lies in effortlessly organised storage, with a dedicated place for everything. Did you know Roundhouse Design isn’t just a kitchen brand? We also make beautiful bespoke wardrobes and other bedroom furniture with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship in our Malvern-based workshops. So let our design experts help you plan the perfect bedroom storage to take the pressure off when guests come to stay for Christmas, or any time of year.

Off-season storage

Abundant storage may not be a priority for guest use, but don’t underestimate your guest bedroom’s storage potential for the full-time residents in your home. A wall of fitted wardrobes can be used to take care of your family’s off-season outerwear, spare bedding, luggage and any formalwear that’s getting crushed in your everyday wardrobes. All while leaving the sleeping space neat and tidy for guests. ‘Bespoke bedroom furniture design is all about creating spaces that make your life simpler and in turn more joyful. In the guest room, the joy comes in freeing up storage in the main bedrooms for the items you reach for every day,’ says senior Roundhouse designer, Jane Powell.

Make every inch count

In the master bedroom, wardrobe frustrations are often caused by overstuffed shelves and access issues. If you find yourself reaching for the same two or three outfits, just because they are closest to hand, you will benefit from precision-organised wardrobes that have been carefully planned out to meet your specific needs.

‘This could mean more shoe pull-outs, drop down hanging rails or adjustable shelving,’ says Roundhouse designer Oli Moss. ‘We encourage clients to think carefully about how they like to store their clothing. For example, if you have a lot of jumpers but just a few ironed shirts, drawers would be more useful than lots of rails.’ Commissioning bespoke wardrobes also enables more unique storage solutions, such as a dedicated watch drawer with charging, cubbies for hat boxes, and felt lined pull-out shelves for jewellery.

The perfect fit

Sloped ceilings, uneven alcoves, awkward corners? As each piece is made-to-measure, bespoke wardrobes can solve an array of spatial challenges. As well as resolving issues with wonky walls and uneven floors, bespoke wardrobes can be fitted flush to the ceiling, which looks neater and evades the issue of dust build-up on top of wardrobes. ‘We often like to build out stud walls around our wardrobes to create a sleek, seamless look that smooths out any irregularities in the architecture,’ adds Oli. Our designers can also offer advice on what style of door will be most appropriate for your space. For example, sliding doors can make a huge difference to the sense of space in a smaller bedroom, while walk-in closets are the ultimate luxury and can save so much time and effort when getting ready for another busy day ahead. 

Bright idea

Forget hunting around at the back of a dark wardrobe searching for that elusive scarf. With LED strip lights integrated into your bespoke wardrobes everything will be much easier and quicker to find. ‘We recommend high quality LEDs that operate automatically via sensors for ease and energy savings,’ says Jane. ‘It’s important to achieve a good spread of light through the interior, rather than just adding a few spotlights at the top. Illuminated hanging rails and side lighting strips will make light work of locating the perfect outfit.’

How do I organize my guest bedroom wardrobes?

The beauty of bespoke wardrobes made by Roundhouse is you can customise the storage to suit the room they’re in, and the demands of guest room storage can require a very different interior fit-out compared to bedrooms in nightly use. ‘As guest room wardrobes are often used for bulkier storage, deep, wide drawers are a good option, as well as at least one full-length hanging rail for ski apparel and ball gowns,’ recommends Jane. ‘Keep delicate items like cashmere safe from moths and silverfish by enclosing in airtight containers and popping them on the top shelves.’

Our expert designers can help you make the best choices for your Roundhouse bespoke kitchen, furniture or wardrobes. Visit any of our seven Roundhouse showroomsWigmore St, ClaphamFulhamRichmondCambridgeGuildford Cheltenham and get planning!