How to maximise storage in a pantry

Since the arrival of fridges and freezers, the need for a naturally cool walk in larder to keep cooked meats, cheese and vegetables fresh might be considered redundant. However, larders and pantries have evolved to become a sought-after design fixture in every 21st century home – a practical and chic storage solution for every luxury kitchen design. Whether you have space for a separate larder room or a narrow kitchen pantry cupboard, Roundhouse experts can create a bespoke design to boost storage opportunities. Stashing your kitchen stuff has never been so creative, as these stylish and super-efficient kitchen larder ideas reveal. Say hello to a clutter-free kitchen with a perfect pantry.

Utilise every inch

Meet your new storage hero: a large pantry cupboard with drawers that is just as effective as a dedicated larder room. This spacious, well-equipped piece of kit (built-in or freestanding) can house a wealth of brilliant storage solutions, from willow baskets, bread crocks and wine racks to marble pastry shelves and electrical points for toasters, kettles and blenders. Load-bearing drawers that glide out effortlessly are perfect for bulky packets and heavy dried goods.

“Think about how the pantry can adapt to suit you but always consider easy access,” says Allison Lynch, senior design consultant at Roundhouse. “For instance, shallow shelves ensure that items don’t get lost, bespoke mesh baskets keep vegetables fresher for longer and a work surface allows small machines to be plugged in and used without moving them into the kitchen.”

Don’t forget to utilise cupboard doors with slim shelving for spice racks, jars and condiments – just add bars or rails to keep everything in place. A bespoke designer can tailor your kitchen larder doors exactly to your requirements.

Use clear storage jars

There’s nothing more joyful than opening up a kitchen pantry cabinet to reveal neat shelves of packets, spices, jars and tins at a glance, all within easy access. Elevate the interior by emptying dried foods like pasta, rice, pulses and cereal into larger transparent jars or containers, lined up, side-by-side. This looks effortlessly pleasing to the eye and more orderly than rows of tins and open packets in different shapes and sizes. Choose clear glass jars so contents are viewed at a glance (add chalkboard-style labels if necessary) and opt for planet-friendly, recycled glass where possible. Decanting ingredients also means you can stock up on dried goods from zero-waste stores and cut back on unnecessary plastic packaging.

Light up the interior

Installing lights to the inside of a pantry cabinet will add the finishing touch to your luxury contemporary kitchen. Built-in spotlights that automatically switch on when the doors are opened illuminate the contents of the larder cupboard in seconds. Good lighting can also make the interior seem larger and help you to find ingredients and items that are hidden at the back out of sight. Roundhouse experts are on hand to advise on all kitchen lighting needs for your beautiful bespoke kitchen.

Try a half height cupboard

Small spaces need hardworking storage. So even if you don’t have square footage for a walk in larder unit or a huge kitchen pantry cupboard, there are several kitchen larder ideas to explore. Try a half-height cabinet with space-saving sliding or bi-fold doors that won’t intrude into the kitchen design or a flexible racking system that utilises an unused corner. Slim larder units with foldaway pocket doors are a popular choice and can be customised to your every requirement: kitchen storage racks, luxe materials, flexible elements and lighting to create a tailormade pantry hub.

Invest in a larder room

For some, the ultimate luxury is a walk in larder with shelves stacked efficiently with all your groceries. As well as food, designated pantries are spot on for stashing bulk-buy goods and small appliances, freeing up extra room in the kitchen for cooking, dining and relaxing. This is particularly important in an open-plan kitchen dining design where you want the space to remain clear and clutter-free. Ideally, a walk in larder should be directly off the kitchen, close to where the food is prepped. Good ventilation and light is crucial but avoid spaces that are warm with lots of direct sunlight as this will increase the temperature in the room and spoil food.

“A small pantry should not be outside the kitchen in an understairs space, off a busy corridor or on another level to the kitchen as carrying food between the rooms will annoy most cooks!” declares Lynch.

Do modern kitchens have a pantry?

Even though larders and pantries were a key fixture of the Victorian kitchen, today, these storage saviours are as relevant as ever. The 21st century kitchen pantry cabinet may look a little different, crafted from luxurious woods, burnished mirror and textured stone and kitted out with clever wire racking, plug sockets and slide-and-hide pocket doors. Modern space constraints might mean you opt for a pantry cupboard with drawers within your main kitchen rather than a separate room. The basic premise is the same though: storing food and ingredients in optimum conditions that can be easily accessed.

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