How to use colour in the kitchen

Colour can be an emotive issue. Some love brilliant colour while others prefer more muted shades. Orz5aA vivid hue for a bespoke kitchen is a bold choice that should be carefully considered; after all you’ll have to live with it for some time. However, some Roundhouse bespoke kitchens can be repainted so if a shade begins to lose its charm you can choose to change it.
Colour doesn’t have to overwhelm a space; there are plenty of ways to introduce it without it taking over. Pops of colour can be introduced through; a colour-blocked backsplash, zingy bar stools, a highlight on an island or a cabinet, kitchen appliances or even art works.001b----DC3085
Jamie Telford, Roundhouse director says, “Accents of colour look fabulous but if you are thinking of bold colour for the whole kitchen then be absolutely sure that you really love it. On the other hand the beauty of having a Roundhouse bespoke lacquer kitchen is that you can change the colour and have it repainted, which does offer the opportunity to be more experimental.”clay04chairs
Currently muted greys and soft blues are the popular colours of choice for many Roundhouse bespoke kitchens, shades that sit well in the large open living spaces that many kitchens are part of, but which also allow the introduction of colour elsewhere.
Roundhouse can match to any colour you like, why not take a look at our Pinterest or Houzz pages for more inspiration?005a---D3039