How to work with a Designer

A skilled kitchen designer will use expert spatial planning and product knowledge to translate your ideas into a kitchen that looks and functions beyond your wildest dreams. Even if it’s not your first kitchen design rodeo, technology and innovations change at lightning speed, and it’s a kitchen designer’s job to stay ahead of the trends. Roundhouse designers are skilled hand-holders, jargon-busters and compromise negotiators, but they’re not psychics! The very best kitchen designs are a shared journey; here’s how to work with a designer to get everything your heart desires and enjoy the process along the way.

Be prepared

The more information you can provide during the initial design meetings, the sooner your designer will understand your sense of style. Collate images of interiors you like from magazines, Social Media and Pinterest. It may just be one feature or finish that’s caught your eye in a particular image, or an overall décor style that appeals. This is also a good opportunity to identify colours, materials and design features that do not float your boat. Some people quickly establish that their tastes run in a traditional direction, while others realise manmade modern worktops leave them cold.

Be practical

Think about how you cook, how much fresh/dried food you need to store (it’s worth doing a quick inventory) and which appliances you can and can’t live without. Outline your priorities, in order of importance and consider anything you have learnt from past kitchens. You may have found a large double bowl kitchen sink works better than a one and a half sink, for example. Then decide what else you want from your kitchen, such as dining space, a walk in larder, soft seating, room for office paraphernalia, somewhere to dock mobile phones and peripherals etc.

Be open-minded

Always try to be open to new ideas and suggestions. Take time to consider your designer’s proposals and don’t be afraid to voice any concerns; there’s often a middle way that will prove perfect. For example, you may want a marble kitchen island but have a busy lifestyle with no time for maintenance. Your designer might propose marble-look kitchen worktop designs with natural stone elsewhere. The final kitchen design should marry the best of your ideas with the best of his or her solutions.

Be honest

Honesty is crucial when working with any kitchen designer. If your cooking skills amount to reheating and your wine fridge gets more use than your food fridge, there’s no judgement. An honest approach will ensure design proposals are focused on actual needs that will enhance your lifestyle.

Always be frank about your budget and don’t be afraid to ask for a breakdown of costs. There’s nothing more disappointing than being presented with a design that’s beyond your means – be clear about your position and your designer will work hard to make every penny count. Roundhouse designers are trained to identify challenges and offer creative solutions, as well as guide you through every decision, including difficult financial ones!

How can I find a good kitchen designer?

There are plenty of options when seeking kitchen companies London and beyond, but wherever you’re based, it’s vital to arrange a face-to-face meeting. The kitchen design company you choose should always encourage you to check the quality of the furniture they produce. Ideally you will meet in a showroom, where you will be able to get a good feel for the quality on offer, open drawers and cupboards in kitchen settings and make easy choices between finishes like rough sawn oak timber or brass kitchen doors.

A good kitchen designer should be aware of current Building Regulations and be happy to work alongside your architect and interior designer if required. Be wary of kitchen designers who refuse to incorporate certain products or brands unless they can cite a credible reason. They may be putting their profits above your needs.

If you don’t gel with a designer or feel they’re on your wavelength, ask if there’s anyone else you could speak with, or walk away. Designing a new bespoke kitchen is very much a partnership and, even if you give your designer carte blanche and want minimal involvement, he or she needs to be someone you trust to always have your best interests at heart.

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