Incorporating desk space into your kitchen

Whether you want to put the home office in the kitchen or just set up a small desk area, we take a look at desk space in a luxury kitchen and how best to utilise this space. A desk was useful in lockdown when a lot of people were working from home as it has multiple uses. It’s a great place to sit and catch up on work, to read the morning newspaper, or catch up on house paperwork and post. It is also helpful if you like cooking and want to look up recipes – having a space nearby to sit down your laptop is very useful. The desk space also acts as a charging station for phones and iPad and a place to keep pens, paper, envelopes etc. which is very convenient to have in the kitchen area.

A kitchen desk space is convenient when you may need to finish off some work while keeping an eye on the dinner. It can also be useful for storing stationary, greeting cards, and things needed to be kept safe while having easy access to without taking up valuable kitchen storage.

Clients with young children benefit from having a space for their little ones to sit, draw, and be close to them while they prep meals. This area can also double-up as extra seating space when they have friends over – keeping the space flexible will mean it has more use.

A desk space is worth a conversation when designing your bespoke kitchen. However, make sure to consider if there is room and whether it would fit into the aesthetics of the room. Even the so-called “man drawer” needs to be considered when designing a kitchen, and the desk space is the perfect place for it. A pocket door is a great way to hide a desk as it can concealed within a kitchen run of tall units. The doors are pushed back out of the way when in use, and can be closed off again to maintain a sleek appearance

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