Integrated handles

What’s behind the trend for recessed/integrated kitchen and wardrobe handles? For those looking for a sleek, streamlined contemporary feel physical handles can add too much fuss to a bespoke kitchen or wardrobe. However, a recessed handle is a great opportunity to introduce another material and create highlights without committing to using it on the entire kitchen cabinetry.

Touches of another colour, or simply the shadow detail they create can help a space to feel less formal and add interest to perhaps an otherwise stark scheme. 

What are the advantages and what different effects can be achieved? Compared to touch-to-to-open mechanisms, which can be frustrating to some, integrated luxury kitchen handles are more intuitive and can be used to integrate another material into the scheme where desired. Cut-outs can be backed in contrasting metal, timber, and lacquered finishes.

Are there any pitfalls that should be avoided?

Using an integrated modern kitchen handle on an appliance or heavy door is not advised as the suction or weight can make them very hard to open. In these cases, we usually opt for a single elegant handle which ties in with the scheme, providing practicality and ease of use.

What looks and works best when using integrated handles in a contemporary kitchen design?

To make a space feel harmonious and balanced, when designing I look to create feeling of rhythm across the kitchen. This can be done with recessed handles by mirroring the lengths of the cutouts across all doors, featuring key material highlights across the space, and repeating key shapes being showcased elsewhere. 

So, if you are planning a new bespoke kitchen or luxury wardrobe consider integrated handles – it can be a beautiful design that makes a great feature.

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