Introducing personality to a new kitchen

Today it’s all about how to introduce personality to a new luxury kitchen. Sterile banks of kitchen cabinetry are a thing of the past, but we know it’s not always easy to bring character into a luxury kitchen. The aim is often to keep your beautiful kitchen looking clutter free, but to soften the edges. A little individuality goes a long way. We’ve assembled some simple ideas to help you bring something of yourself into your bespoke kitchen.

Modern kitchens are shared spaces where families cook, meet, eat and sometimes work. They are also places to relax and socialise. Books make a contemporary kitchen look and feel more of a social space. If you create a dedicated place for books in your kitchen design they’ll look good and create a sense of informality. It’s obviously more useful if they are visible and accessible. Accommodate them on open kitchen shelving or in integrated bookshelves.

Decorating with colour

Colour is another way to introduce personality to a brand new kitchen. When you are displaying your personal collections colour is also a crucial element to consider. Too many clashing colours, shapes and sizes create disharmony and lead to the space looking cluttered. Try to keep to a simple colour palette. For example, we often use a selection of white porcelain and everyday china in the open fronted kitchen cabinets we have on display in our showrooms.

Art has a place in the modern kitchen

Artwork also has a place in a bespoke kitchen. Many of our clients use it extremely creatively. You can go bold, which works particularly well in neutral coloured kitchens. Why not choose something large and colourful to establish a focal point? Use small, framed prints on open shelves to create interest.

Dedicated displays
For really special curated personal collections in your luxury bespoke kitchen you could opt for a dedicated display cabinet. A beautiful glazed stand-alone bespoke cabinet with a a mirrored back like our very special Brompton Cabinet is the perfect place to show off collections. Display glassware or porcelain which makes the most of the reflections.

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