It's all in the detail...

Without question, every great bespoke kitchen design should be utterly striking when viewed in its entirety. The key to carrying that fabulousness beyond first glance lies in the finer details. There’s a huge amount of satisfaction to be had from beautiful material connections, orderly internal storage and considered proportions. As the American designer Charles Eames famously said: ‘The details are not the details. They make the design.’

Shadow play

At Roundhouse Design, the humble shadowline is never underestimated. The term refers to a deliberate gap or space between two surfaces, for example a recess between cabinet doors and the modern worktops above, or a thin void where tall pantry style doors meet ceiling. A perfectly executed shadowline or two will lend depth and definition and, particularly in the case of contemporary kitchen design, are an incredibly attractive way to exaggerate the clean, architectural lines. ‘Shadowlines can also provide the perfect opportunity to introduce a new material,’ adds designer Sam Hart. ‘On this island unit, a thick band of rich brass in the shadowline of the worktop and handle recess elevates the glamorous quartzite to another level.’

Lining up

Thanks to our architectural heritage, Roundhouse Design ltd has a deep appreciation for the importance of symmetry and proportion in modern kitchen design. This Urbo modern luxury kitchen island is a perfect example. You may not immediately notice that the height of the black area above the splashback matches the door height of the wall cabinet above. Nor that brass element of the tap aligns perfectly with the top of the splashback. However, it is exactly this level of detail, balance and precision, that will always shine through in any luxurious kitchen design.

Bespoke details

Many manufacturers claim to offer bespoke kitchen design, but few can truly deliver unique, one-off solutions. Often it is these small but highly individual details that ensure a home kitchen design stands out from the crowds. For this luxury marble kitchen, senior designer Alice Hood conceived an unusual triangular prep sink. ‘The shape takes up less prep surface than a standard square or round bowl sink, but it also provides a quirky design feature that’s a real talking point,’ says Alice. 

Practical benefits

Kitchen refurbishment design details don’t always focus on pure aesthetics. Considering the finer points of kitchen designs from a practical angle can be just as rewarding. Installing discreet, soft-close fittings on larder drawers and kitchen storage cabinets ensure they close with a gentle glide, rather than a nerve-shattering slam. Fitting out internal storage to precisely accommodate kitchen tools and utensils means every item is easy to find and won’t slide to the back. Lining cutlery drawers in baize or leather will bring daily joy aesthetically, but also deadens the sound of rattling flatware. It’s those small but clever details that have a big impact on how much you enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

What is a luxury kitchen?

If you have ever searched for ‘luxury kitchens near me’, you might have wondered what makes a luxury kitchen so…luxe! The answer is usually personal. For some it could be cool kitchen worktops, a vast modern marble kitchen island or perhaps a generous walk-in larder with a luxury sink and modern brass tap. Others associate luxury with the most expensive kitchen brands around. At roundhouse kitchens, we believe a luxury kitchen is one that is beautifully built, using quality materials, but, more than that, it must enhance your life and add daily value. Paying close attention to the details, both practical and pretty, is the secret to success.

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