Kitchen Storage ideas

We can never have enough kitchen storage, right? Finding a place to stash all of our stuff – from ingredients to gadgets, bulk buys to bar kit – is becoming increasingly tricky as our luxury designer kitchens transform into the main hub of the home. Clever kitchen storage and a bespoke kitchen design is the answer. What goes on behind closed doors is definitely as important as picking out a door style and colour. Roundhouse can create a luxury kitchen design to store your stuff and suit your lifestyle, be it a walk in larder, kitchen shelf ideas or a kitchen cupboard organiser. Latest kitchen designs mix up open and closed storage for a clear and clutter-free cooking, working and entertaining space that is oh so liveable too. It’s all in the planning, so let Roundhouse designers work their magic on your luxury (and very tidy!) bespoke kitchen…

Try pocket door kitchen cabinets

Maximise statement storage in a luxury kitchen design by carefully considering how cabinet doors open. In a smaller bespoke kitchen, standard hinge-opening cupboards might not be the best fit. Bi-fold doors that neatly concertina away and won’t protrude into walkways and busy working zones are super-efficient and super stylish. These neat solutions pair well with countertop breakfast cupboards and pantry bars. A pocket door kitchen cabinet is also spot on for clearing the clutter – allowing you to quickly access and conceal items as you please. These clever doors fold back into slim recesses to reveal ample space for working, storing breakfast items or keeping laundry appliances – then close up to disguise any chaos inside. It’s the perfect combination of open and closed storage for all beautiful bespoke kitchens.

Make way for a pantry

A walk in larder or kitchen pantry cupboard are top of today’s storage wish list. If you have ample space for a designated larder room, kit it out with open shelves for tins, packets and jars, a second sink perhaps and floor area for stashing bulk-buy groceries. A big pantry cupboard is a good alternative in a luxury designer kitchen. Discuss your needs with a Roundhouse kitchen designer and personalise the interior with door racking, baskets, pull-outs boxes, plug sockets and a cool marble shelf for making bread and pastries.

Open up the space

An easy way to prevent a kitchen design from looking too boxy is by introducing a row of wall shelves – in painted wood, bare timber or even a contrasting metal. This simple design trick will break up banks of built in storage cupboards and add points of interest in a luxury kitchen interior design. Showcase a collection of stoneware vessels or vintage china on a chunky linear shelf that spans the length of the room. The key is to display objects in the same colour palette for a considered, high design edit. Alternatively, a glass-fronted cabinet fitted with glass shelving will enhance a light and airy mood. Store cook books, piles of pretty plates or let your glassware gleam.

Add bespoke details

The beauty of a bespoke kitchen design is in the detail – and that includes bespoke storage tailored exactly to your needs. From kitchen shelf ideas and pantries to kitchen storage racks and walk in larder ideas, Roundhouse storage solutions work for every space, small or large. Try a mix of open and closed storage with a custom kitchen island, bespoke cabinets and family kitchen ideas. Large, pull-out drawers are generally more ergonomic and user-friendly than standard cupboards, especially for bulky, heavy items that can be viewed at a glance. This slim, wall-hung shelving unit utilises an unused corner with tailormade racking and cubby holes for bottles, spices, cook books and boards. Very neat.

Take to the bar

Hone your mixology skills with a dedicated home bar – every luxury kitchen room needs one. Well-planned storage is a priority for keeping fancy glassware, bar kit, bottles and more, neat, tidy and on display in an upmarket kitchen design. Make the most of a redundant alcove with a pocket door kitchen cabinet or steal space under the stairs and utilise bespoke cabinets for the ultimate bar at home. Don’t be afraid to ramp up the luxe factor with a mix of metallics, antiqued mirror, dark woods and textured finishes. We’re so ready for cocktail hour – are you?

How much storage space do you need in a kitchen?

Effective kitchen storage is crucial, especially with the many requirements this room has to fulfil. Not just a place for preparing and cooking food, bespoke designer kitchens are a place to eat, entertain, work and relax. Before you embark on a new kitchen project, it’s best to do a cull: get rid of duplicate crockery and cookware; recycle pots and pans that are past their shelf life; give away items you never use; and sort through dried foods. Then work out if you want everything hidden away behind closed doors or if you prefer some items to be out on the worktop. Finally, future-proof your kitchen design in case storage needs increase as your family grows.

Our expert kitchen designers can help you make the best choices for your Roundhouse bespoke kitchen, furniture or wardrobes. Visit any of our seven Roundhouse showrooms; Wigmore St, Clapham, Fulham, Richmond, Cambridge, Guildford & Cheltenham and get planning!