Kitchen storage clever ideas for using space when kitchen planning

Kitchen storage – it pays to think smart when planning your kitchen. Careful thought and advance planning will result in a luxury kitchen that outwardly looks gloriously uncluttered, yet behind closed doors will accommodate everything you want to conceal.

A perfectly planned, bespoke kitchen, designed around you should be a thing of beauty that conceals hardworking, clever solutions for kitchen storage, but getting the most out of your custom-made kitchen requires a good kitchen designer.

Why is the designer important when you are planning your kitchen storage needs?  Not least because kitchen technology is advancing, and new kitchen products are emerging all the time. The best kitchen designers are abreast of all the very latest developments. They also have the widest access to a huge range of kitchen storage solutions, so if you plan what you want to house early on and design the space accordingly, you won’t have to make compromises later.

Roundhouse designer Sam Hart says, “Storage is crucial in any kitchen design, as you can get an enormous amount in if you think smart at the outset. A mix of cabinets and drawers is the most usual combination. Soft close drawers are easier to use than cupboards for things you use most often because you have clear visibility from above, with no need to search at the back. Advances in kitchen drawer runner technology offering a high load bearing capacity means that deeper, longer drawers that will hold even the weightiest crockery are possible. Position them next to your dishwasher if you can so that you can unload straight into the drawer.”

If you prefer your storage upright in a kitchen cabinet, then you can still see everything all at once through pull out glass sided drawers that will also carry a heavy load. These drawers when pulled out give all round access and can even accommodate heavy items such as bottles. You can see an example in our Wigmore St showroom.

If you have the space a walk-in pantry offers the ultimate solution for everything you need to store, but the Roundhouse Fulham Pantry is also a ‘Tardis’ of storage. Its capacious interior allows everything to be on view, with drawers deep enough for the largest cereal packets and spice or bottle racks built into the doors.

More ideas
Roundhouse kitchen designer, Sam Hart offers a few more ideas for integrated storage; ‘Consider integrated waste bins, built-in vegetable racks and bread crocks, easy-access tambour units and space saving pocket doors that slide back out of sight – particularly good for tight spaces.”

The trend for blurring the lines between kitchen, dining and living spaces means that the boundaries are less clear where one thing ends, and another begins and that’s especially true of storage. Things that you once might have stored in the kitchen may now be stored elsewhere and vice versa. Free standing, beautifully designed kitchen cabinets like our Nightingale Cabinet meet this need. A gorgeous piece of furniture in its own right, it offers a huge amount of space for displaying precious things like antique china and glass. It looks equally good in both the kitchen and living space – a true crossover piece of furniture.

Roundhouse bespoke kitchens are designed with acres of storage cleverly packed into an array of cupboards, drawers and pantries and our expert kitchen designers can help you maximize your bespoke kitchen storage. Visit any of our six showrooms; Wigmore St, Clapham, Fulham, Richmond, Guildford & Cheltenham and get planning!
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