Kitchens for serious cooks

Yes of course we all want our bespoke kitchen to be beautiful and timeless.  We strive to find luxury modern kitchen designs that are aesthetically pleasing and truly create a wow factor. 

But any good modern kitchen must also work for the keen and avid cook.  It must be functional, reliable, and designed with a home cook in mind.

Here are our key requirements when designing a kitchen for a serious cooks.

Prep Space

Having a good space for prepping food is crucial.  It’s important to consider kitchen worksurfaces that work well with cutting, chopping and general food preparation.  We often use stainless steel in cooks’ kitchens. Large sinks are a must for washing and boiling water taps are very useful.

Storage Space

And lots of it! We like to use open shelving for easy access, deep pan drawers, spice drawers where everything is very easily accessed and dry goods pantries that make finding the perfect ingredient a synch.

Plenty of room to work in

A kitchen island can be a real cook’s workhorse. Consider a combination of work surfaces, including stainless steel, a gas hob and a large, recessed preparation area as well as a cantilevered breakfast bar to allow guests to watch the cook in action.

Good lighting

It’s useless for a cook to have a beautifully designed kitchen if the lighting isn’t right so care must be taken at the planning stage to incorporate a good lighting scheme. It’s crucial to be able to see the ingredients you are cooking properly – and of course, a wonderful way to showcase the finished meal you have worked so hard to prepare.

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