Let there be light..

We talk to one of our Senior Design Consultant’s Allison Lynch from our Cambridge showroom about LED and pendant kitchen lighting.

What options are there for lighting inside kitchen cabinets in terms of the type of light used? What effect does each type of light have in terms of illuminating the cabinet interior?

LED spots or LED strip kitchen lighting in a diffused routered channel. Cabinetry lighting is very important nowadays and is essential when designing a bespoke kitchen. It’s deemed as ‘task’ lighting as it helps you to easier find what you’re looking for within kitchen cupboards when working in the kitchen or pantry.

I suggest adding a sensor to the door, so that when they open, the lights turn on and when not in use and the doors are closed, the lights automatically turn off.

Cabinetry lighting is useful for ambience too and offers great modern lighting for the kitchen. By putting the cabinetry lights on their own switch, you can turn off the ceiling lights and keep a lovely warm glow from within the cabinetry. There may be items on shelving that you want to showcase so lighting from above, washing down a dresser unit is worth considering.

What’s the best way to combine pendant lights across an open plan kitchen diner without them clashing?

This depends on the size of the kitchen island and the lighting in the rest of the room, for example, if there are spots, and wall lights or mood lighting. You need to look at the natural light that influences the type of lighting required. Decide whether the pendants you choose should function as ambient lighting or task lighting and whether the pendant adds to the bespoke kitchen as a feature.

This could mean choosing something more dramatic for over a dining table and a small set of pendants over the island. If you do not want to distract from the view or take away from other features, use glass pendants. These tend to be more subtle unless, of course, they are in a variety of shapes and colours making them a fun feature.

What are your top design tips for a successful kitchen lighting scheme?

In order to achieve a successful kitchen lighting scheme, I think the best approach is to use a lighting designer. These experts know how to select the correct style of designer kitchen lighting, the warmth of lighting and where they should be positioned for optimum look and function.

Introducing lights around the plinth of kitchen islands also adds to the look and feel, which lifts the kitchen and adds ambience.

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