Let's head to the bar

Enjoy the excitement of going out, with all the home comforts of staying in. Including a dedicated home bar in any luxurious kitchen design will ensure it’s always ready for cocktail hour, and entertaining is a breeze.

Space-saving solutions

A beautifully appointed home bar may be the epitome of upmarket kitchen designs, but you don’t necessarily need to have large kitchen dining room ideas to accommodate one. Here, bespoke cabinets make the most of an unused alcove, packing in wine storage and coffee making facilities with ease. Utilising a pocket door kitchen cabinet means it can all be shut neatly away when guests leave.   

Mix materials

A luxury kitchen design modern in style and shape can successfully support a switch of materials when it comes to planning a home bar. At roundhouse, we often pair minimalist, contemporary kitchen design with a more decorative look for the home bar. Surfaces still need to be practical, but a home bar offers opportunity to experiment with textural finishes such as rough sawn oak timber, fluted door fronts and antiqued mirror without sacrificing the overall sleekness of modern kitchen design.

Make it flow

If you would prefer to aim for design continuity between a bespoke kitchen and home bar, consider matching the materials of key elements, for example luxury marble kitchen worktops or brass kitchen hardware. Here, the door style and hardware used on the bar matches those featured in the adjoining kitchen, but in a different colour. The shared design language is subtle yet effective and the dining room and kitchen design feel better connected.

Add an island

When planning a luxury big kitchen design, where space is not an issue, including an island unit or peninsula makes sense on multiple levels. A small bespoke kitchen island unit is a great space for guests to gather around while you’re honing those cocktail-making skills. Installing a sink behind will make it easy to rinse off glassware – a one and a half sink, or even large double bowl kitchen sink is ideal for filling with ice when entertaining. In this open view kitchen, a marble island helps to zone the home bar, making it a key focal point that guests naturally gravitate towards.

How do you make a good home bar?

While some people are happy with a dedicated area to store their favourite tipples and glassware, planning in a fully loaded home bar that’s permanently party-ready can offer so much more. If you regularly entertain larger crowds, an integrated wine fridge will prove very useful, and can take the pressure off the main kitchen fridge. A glass washer, which is like a normal dishwasher but does the job in minutes rather than hours, can also make light work of clearing up after everyone has gone home. Suitable kitchen work surfaces with space to serve several drinks at once will help with crowd control, while built in storage cupboards are perfect for stashing away less attractive barware, extra glassware and mixers. Finally, don’t forget the kitchen mood lighting for creating a relaxed atmosphere – disco balls obligatory!

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