Luxury kitchen ideas – create the design of your dreams

Luxury kitchen design is all about choice. For some, the priority is top-notch appliances and a bespoke kitchen design that’s all about cooking and honing culinary skills. For others, it might be a marble top kitchen island where friends and family can gather for a night in. Then there are the finishing touches like lighting, handles and colour. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary, bespoke luxury kitchens can be tailored to tick off every single item on your dream wish list. Size is no barrier to luxury either. Here at Roundhouse, we can create luxury designer kitchens in compact or cavernous spaces. Let us show you how…

Look at luxury surfaces

Investing in a luxury surface is guaranteed to elevate every bespoke kitchen design. Yes, for showstopper good looks, you can’t beat a luxury marble kitchen. You might fancy classic marble worktops with pale whispery streaks or a striking black and white marble island. Then there are style decisions like thickness: do you want chunky worktops or slim, streamlined surfaces? Or perhaps a marble top kitchen island that flows over the sides to the floor. Smooth porcelain worktops also inject a high-end mood for bespoke luxury kitchens everywhere. Let the Roundhouse experts take you through all the options for a modern luxury kitchen with serious design clout.

Focus on high-end lighting

From statement pendants to slick, light-up worktops, modern kitchen lighting ideas add masses of depth and character to a luxury kitchen. Installing a line of contemporary spotlights in brushed brass will exude just the right hint of low-key luxe – and offer practical benefits when targeted over working zones. Why not add drama to a luxury kitchen island with glass pendant lights in sculptural silhouettes or bold eye catching colours? There are so many fabulous choices. Layered lighting is key to the luxury kitchen design tempo – a mix of effective task lighting, general illumination and spectacular focal points. We can help you shine a spotlight on luxury lighting so your bespoke kitchen will never, ever be in the dark.

Introduce a statement island

A luxury kitchen island might top every homeowner’s design agenda. And we can see why. A hardworking bespoke kitchen island offers that fabulous mix of style and substance. There’s more space for an extra luxury kitchen sink or a boiling water tap while a marble top kitchen island with seating naturally creates a central sociable spot. Then there are the style plus points. Go all out on a large modern kitchen island clad in warm metallics or paint in a rich paint shade for a dash of considered glamour. And for the ultimate in luxury? Why not double up with a pair of custom kitchen islands. You won’t need to think twice, that’s for sure.

Go bold with colour

Your choice of colour can certainly ramp up the luxe factor in a bespoke kitchen design. Bold, saturated hues like dark navy, charcoal and emerald green offer a timeless luxury palette you will adore for years to come. Pair with modern brass taps or a metal kitchen island for extra luxury style points. That’s not to say that neutral shades don’t hit the luxury mark too. If the quiet luxury mood is more your thing, there’s nothing more cool, calm or collected than clay, pebble or buttermilk kitchen cupboards.

Highlight bespoke details

Work with our designers to create bespoke luxury kitchens tailored to every last design whim. This might mean a beautiful wall light, a high-end bronze kitchen tap or a modern luxury kitchen island packed with storage and a seating perch. The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that your luxury design choices can become a reality. You might have your heart set on an art-deco style cocktail cabinet or a barista-style coffee hub. Or it could be that a walk in larder with fabulous wall-to-wall storage is the dream. Luxury designer kitchens are a signature of the Roundhouse brand and we can’t wait to transform your space.

What makes a kitchen look luxury?

High-quality materials, bespoke detailing and professional-style appliances are hallmarks of luxury kitchen design. But that’s not all. Upmarket kitchen designs need a great layout, an effective lighting scheme and a cohesive style that links in with the design tempo of the rest of your home. Roundhouse Kitchens can offer so much experience and expertise in every aspect of luxury contemporary kitchens.

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