Make 2024 your most eco-friendly year in the kitchen yet...

If you’ve put ‘Be more Eco’ on your 2024 New Years’ resolutions list, there are few better places to focus your planet-friendly ambitions than in the kitchen. For those investing in a new bespoke kitchen this year, taking conscious steps to minimise its impact on the environment is essential, but there are also plenty of simple swaps and upgrades you can make in your existing kitchen, and the way you cook, to improve its green credentials.

Whether you’re considering making lots of small commitments or planning bigger changes, here are our top ways you can do your bit for nature in the kitchen this year.

Reduce water waste

As rooms that use water for washing, cooking and of course drinking, kitchens offer plenty of opportunities to conserve this precious resource. On a day-to-day basis, simple water savings steps include choosing the right size pans when boiling pasta and steaming, rather than boiling, vegetables whenever possible. You can also re-use boiled water for making sauces and gravy or, once cooled, to water your houseplants.

Dishwashers have long been considered more water-efficient than washing by hand – Miele’s dishwashers can run a full cycle (14-place settings) on just six litres of water, which is less than one modern kitchen sink load. The specific model you choose and the way you use it can have a huge impact on potential water and energy savings. Look for A-rated energy labels with eco-programmes, and features like extra insulation and superior filters, which will keep the water hotter and cleaner. Do make sure you buy the right size for your household. It will always prove more eco-friendly to run one full load, than multiple small loads.

Ditch the kettle

Installing a boiling water tap instead of using a kettle will reduce both energy and water use (most people over-fill their kettles), and Roundhouse designers also rate them for cutting down on the visual clutter on your modern kitchen worktops. Choose a model that offers filtered drinking water, and sparkling if that’s your tipple, and you won’t need to buy plastic bottled water again.

If you’re buying a new hob, induction is the way forward from an environmental stance, it’s quicker and more energy efficient than gas, while investing in a fridge that offers superior food preservation can significantly reduce food waste. Download Apps like Nosh or NoWaste to track what’s in stock and get alerted to upcoming use-by dates as well as recipe suggestions based on your leftovers.

Look for longevity

One of the most effective ways to help the environment when planning a new kitchen is to aim for maximum longevity. At every step. Furniture that is built to last will stay out of landfill for longer and, as it won’t need replacing any time soon, will relieve pressure on the earth’s resources. 

Roundhouse kitchens’ signature style is timelessly modern, which means our designs transcend trends and will look as fresh and relevant in 20 years, as they do on installation day. Painted finishes can be easily refreshed, and our specialist metallic finishes are lacquered to protect them for years to come. We consider the lifespan of each Roundhouse kitchen at every level, including worktops, appliances, and components – right down the hinges and runners we use, which are made by Blum, the best in the industry.

Design out obsoletion

Good spatial planning can also impact how long you’ll enjoy using your new kitchen, and our skilled team can design-out any potential issues to ensure you won’t want to replace your kitchen due to annoying bugbears either. From ensuring the built in storage cupboard solutions are flexible and can grow and adapt with your family, to including recycling bin provisions that encourage everyone to avoid general waste, there are lots of ways the design of your kitchen can ensure it will not need to be replaced for decades to come.

How can I make my kitchen more sustainable?

Get expert advice. Surface and appliance innovations are fast paced, especially when it comes to sustainable materials and manufacturing. This is great news if you have resolved to be more eco-friendly this year, but making the right decisions can also be overwhelming. Keep abreast of the latest developments by speaking to your local Roundhouse design team, who are committed to seeking out materials and products with the best eco credentials currently available.

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