Marvellous monochrome kitchens

Have you considered a black and white kitchen? Elegant, striking and the perfect base for adding a personal touch. Whether you prefer contemporary or classic, a bespoke kitchen design in a monochrome palette is a timeless choice. You might lust over a modern kitchen island clad in patterned black and white marble. Or a white Shaker kitchen design dotted with charcoal and ink highlights. Team with rustic wood for a warmer mood or jet black lighting for a slick silhouette. Your balance of black to white is down to you. Our Roundhouse experts can help create your dream luxury kitchen design in black and white for all to see…

Add pattern with marble

Marble is a stylish design tool for adding pattern and a paler contrast in a mostly black kitchen. Go for all marble surfaces or a marble top kitchen island with seating. There are so many different marbles to experiment with. Try pretty marble patterns in subtle grey tones or dramatic black and white veining. Seek out marble with layers of brown and gold streaks for a seriously luxury kitchen design. In this simple, all white space, the marble kitchen island and splashback offer just the right hint of pattern and personality. Monochrome really needn’t be mundane.

Ground with black

Black and white kitchens are undeniably smart – and not just in looks. Using black units in the lower section of your bespoke kitchen design will anchor the space. Offset with white wall units and paintwork on the upper half of your luxury kitchen design and the result is beautifully light and spacious Your eye will naturally be drawn upwards and create the impression of higher ceilings – spot on for smaller upmarket kitchen designs. Play around with the balance of black and white. A modern kitchen island in jet black will add a striking focal point in a head to toe white space.

Warm up with metallics

If black and white kitchens seem a little too sterile for your design tastebuds, highlight with a dash of gold, copper or antique bronze. Yes, warm metallics will add a luxe glow up to all monochrome bespoke kitchens. A bronze kitchen tap for example will add shine to a modern kitchen sink. Matt gold handles and door fittings inject low-key razzle dazzle to black and white units. Even the subtle metallic flashes shown in this luxury contemporary hit just the right design tempo. Time to muster the lustre.

Offset with grey tones

Picking the right shade of black is key for your Roundhouse kitchen. Some black hues have a red or blue undertone which will look different depending on your space and cabinet finish. Then there is true black which is cool, architectural and striking in luxury contemporary kitchens. If black is too harsh for your style agenda, explore grey. Deep charcoal, lead and graphite might just be the answer to your monochrome puzzle.

What colour goes with a black and white kitchen?

Monochrome kitchens are versatile. But if you want to introduce an extra colour to your bespoke kitchen design, make sure it’s the right one. Greys and greens look effortlessly chic with black and white; so do natural timber tones. Accents of blush pink or lilac are a thoroughly modern gamechanger that will catapult your luxury kitchen design into the cool list. You can’t go wrong with an earthy palette either. Steer clear of paintbox primaries like bright red and blue, which can look dated and harsh.

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